How do you dispose of old furniture like sofas and bulky items for trash?


Whether you’re moving house, buying new furniture/appliances, or just trying to get rid of unwanted bulky items as it can be a difficult and time taking process. An old shabby sofa, a refrigerator that worked as hard as a fighter plane, an unsafe trampoline took up space in the backyard. (Yes, these are all examples from personal experience.) Can you throw them away and hope the waste removal company will withdraw them? Can you find a way to get rid of these things just by paying the ever-annoying fee to get rid them?

I’ve had this problem several times over the last few months during plumbing modernization and death boards and, I’m confused about how to dispose of things that just won’t fit in your trash. Here are some tips to save you the time and trouble of dumping your bulk materials like old sofa removal (although, to be honest, this might take some time and hassle – these are the good old stuff you’re trying to throw away!)

Find out if your local waste removal company is accepting large items.

Find out if your garbage company actually received the bulky item that was just laid by the curb on garbage dump day. Mostly not’ but sometimes you are lucky and they pick up large bulky items too. Sometimes you can find this information on their website, and sometimes you have to make a call. What you don’t want to do is to drag the sofa to the curb and the collector ignores it completely so you can drag it back into the garage or basement.

Whether or not the waste management company accepts large amounts of waste depends on where you live. Sometimes you can call and schedule a special “bulk pick up,” but often it will cost between £ 30 and £ 60. (Gosh!) Sometimes they accept furniture that’s on the curb, but not devices or objects with electrical components. At some places and some waste disposal companies, you can purchase special labels to attach to large items and maintain them on a typical pick-up day (these are usually cheaper; can be as low as £ 25 per load) like tables, mattresses and old sofas.

Search the replacement offer companies that usually haul away the old stuff.

When you get new furniture from reputable companies ask them to pick up the old furniture and replace it with new, these people can haul away old stuff at no extra cost. This is especially true for large items like Sofas, tables, beds, mattresses and more. Read the specific terms of this agreement or contact the furniture suppliers to see if there are any special rules. This way you can save your precious time and money to dispose of the old bulky furniture.

List them on internet; even it’s old and gross.

You can also list them on internet for free and you’ll be surprised to see the response from the interested people. You can easily get rid of your old furniture and bulky items absolutely free if you’re lucky enough to find the right person. There are many sites where you can place the ads like Facebook marketplace, Gumtree, EBay and Freecycle etc…

Put it on the curb marked “Free”.

It’s a classic move for city dwellers everywhere: put something by the curb, turn around to get back in, and when you see it coming out the window, it’s gone.

This method can sometimes work, but only in certain scenarios. You should only do this with medium sized objects like Chairs, table cabinets, small tables, etc. If it’s bigger than that, and people driving around can’t quickly stop and throw it in their car (which is what you really want) this method will not work. You also want to make sure you are in a high traffic area. If you live in a less crowded area this isn’t a good tactic.

If you’re still unable to get rid of your old furniture or bulky items after practicing all above mentioned practices then you surly need to hire a professional waste removal company like Clearabee at an affordable price to dispose of the unwanted items you’re struggling with.


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