Trending Cakes That Have Stormed The Cake Industry Since Their Inception


You would not deny the fact that cakes have been the centrepiece of our celebrations for centuries now. With the progress in time, modern cakes have now taken over the command of the cake industry and have been ruling the hearts of cake lovers ever since. Hand-painted cakes, floral flavour cakes, geometric designs, have set benchmarks in the cake industry, further leading the cake baking into an art in its respective field. Gone are the days, when the conventional fruit cake covered with fondant icing and the layer of marzipan, made people berserk after it. Now people prefer sponge cakes with butter icing, along with an array of flavours. However, edible, fondant and real plants are still preferred for the decoration part. Getting a cake of your favorite flavour, icing or decoration has been made very easy and convenient through online cake delivery in Bhopal throughout the country. This facility has been acting as an icing on the cake. 

Fact: Between 2015-2017, there was a rise of 132% of products having floral flavours. 

  • Marbled Cakes:

This cake has been a kicking trend for some years now and it seems like it will continue. Since the cake got its inception in the cake industry, its demand among cake lovers has actually gained momentum. 

  • Ruffled Cakes:

The idea of ruffle does not confine itself to the dresses. Ruffled cakes have lately been people’s favourite choice because of their texture, taste and appearances as well. So, if you are planning to impress your guest at a party, going for a ruffled cake would be a win-win move for you. 

  • Black Cake:

Black is a universal colour. Right? From clothes to antique home decor, everything in black seems to be flawless. So, imagine a cake in black now! Could not even resist the thought of it already. Black cakes are ruling the hearts of dessert lovers since they are not just delicious but are a peaceful treat to the eyes as well. Order cake online Lucknow  if you wish to add elegance to your dinner or an achievement celebration.

  • All White Cakes:

Now that we have already talked about the classy and elegant black cakes, white cakes are not lesser than anyone. Yes, they might be underrated but once they are a centrepiece of any celebration, turns out to be the show’s stopper every time. As they say, “after the darkness comes the light.”

  • Painted Cakes:

There is no denial in the fact that a well-decorated cake is a piece of art. It’s time to show off your painting skills now. These beautiful yet delicious cakes have been making rounds in the cake industry and coming out as a good show in parties and celebrations.

  • Illustrated Cakes:

Somewhat similar to painted cakes, these cakes are all about creativity. In layman’s language, they are more cartoonish in nature. This font of cakes are dearly loved by kids and are prominently popular among all generations. So, send cake to someone who is crazy after cartoons and would dance upon receiving such a cake.

  • Ombre Cakes: 

Just as the name reflects its elegance, this is an ideal cake for weddings, business meets, achievement parties, farewell parties, etc. 

  • Red Velvet Cakes:

No, this cake is not that new for us now, but surprisingly, this cake managed to pull off its craze among the dessert lovers quite well. From its royal red colour to its freaking delicious cream-rich taste, this cake happens to be favourite of many. This is a good fit for occasions like Valentine’s day, anniversaries or it could be a romantic date. So, make your way to someone’s heart through this delicious delicacy.

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