Instagram for iOS makes Controversial Change to How autoplay Video


Now in 2020 Instagram is the big social network platform, here everyone’s comes for fun and enjoyment. You can easily Instagram Video Downloader – Save Insta Videos and Stories that you want, download and upload photos, stories with the help of different tools like instadownloaderpro and many more

But Instagram is making bit but very prominent changes. In order to these changes, you will know how to hold on autoplay videos in iOS. When you are scrolling down, if there are any videos in news feed, then it will be muted until you click or tap on the video.

Now, Instagram launching more changes that mainly includes how to handle sound along with videos. Instagram has just been updated and thus joins Facebook in the fashion of automatically playing all the videos that appear on the social network.

This update comes long after Facebook already did it and everything indicates that it would be caused by the pressure that advertisers have been able to exert on the photography social network to implement this functionality.

The objective of the advertisers would be none other than to gain views, but due to the importance of the advertisers for Instagram.

Since they are what they pay, the social network has proceeded to include this functionality and therefore from now on Instagram users will be able to see how all the videos start playing automatically.

This feature occurs both on iOS and Android and although it has been reported from Instagram that it will not affect user data, this is not the case since the automatic reproduction of videos undoubtedly causes data consumption in rates. Each user will inevitably be increased.

From this moment on, all the videos will be played automatically only when connected to a WiFi network and therefore no expense will be incurred for the mobile data contracted with the mobile rate.

When you just tap on one video while scrolling, then all the videos that will comes ahead in scrolling has sound. However, when you close the Baixar video do Instagram, then it will resets by automatically and sound will disappear.

It is one of the good features of Instagram in iOS because it saves your time and effort to tap again and again on the upcoming videos to hear the music or sound.

There is another additional feature, if you don’t want to hear next video sound, and then you can simply toggle it back off on the next or the same video to put off the sound.

When you open the app, the videos of news feed will play automatically but without sound. If you want to hear the sound of video, then simply tap on the indicated speaker icon which is present on the bottom of the left side. By doing, this, all the upcoming videos will autoplay with sound on.

Initially many features of Instagram rolling out and prove as helpful to save one’s effort. But later on, the developers of Instagram has just confirmed this auto play sound changes.


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