Top Tips on How to Apply For a Job in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular job destinations in the world.  There are myriad opportunities in Dubai in sectors ranging from engineering and medicine to sales and accounts.

Though opportunities are many, finding the right job involves the right planning and effort. Here are some tips for applying and landing that dream job in Dubai:

Understand the Market

The job market in Dubai is highly competitive, and the majority of the working population consists of expatriates. But in recent times, the government has adopted an active policy of ‘Emiratization’ in which preference is given to UAE nationals. This may influence your search for Dubai jobs.

By studying the market for jobs, you will better understand what kind of market expertise you need to gain, how to build a strong network, and make informed choices on the basis of market reality like the best jobs vacancy in Dubai.

Find Authentic Companies

When you search for jobs in Dubai, look out for companies that have authentic web addresses. Steer clear of companies who have not invested even in a domain name. If you are an expat seeking job in Dubai, you must be sure about the reputation and authenticity of the company. Consult online reviews and avoid companies that solicit money for providing a job. Study salary trends so that you have reasonable expectations.

Be Well Prepared

 Do the following to be well prepared for a job in Dubai:

  • Prepare a well-composed, concise, and attractive CV following the needs of the UAE job market. You can even get a professional resume writer for this service.
  • Make sure that both cover letter and resume are job and industry-specific.
  • Keep everything ready like CV, experience certificates, copies of certificates attested by UAE authorities, and other related documents.
  • Link your CV with your professional LinkedIn account.
  • Mention contact information about any references in UAE.
  • Affix a passport size photo and include personal information at the top of the CV.

Use Social Media and Professional Networks

Networks have a huge impact on business. Professional and personal contacts can be built up by social media and professional networks. Without a doubt, networking is vital for executives. You must keep up in contact with other professionals. At the same time, you must keep your social media profile as professional as possible. Also, keep the profile updated as a static profile gives the wrong vibe or impression. Take part in online discussions, contribute to forums, share interesting content, and prove that you are active on the net.

Get Recommendations

One factor that can work well for you isa positive reference from your former colleagues and supervisors. You can also strive for recommendations on social networks like LinkedIn. Employers do put a great value on references and recommendations. Most of them contact a referee before calling you for an interview. Before hiring, they also do a detailed reference check. So make sure that all the skills and qualities for which you are recommended are accurate.

Pay Attention to Vital Needs

Pay attention to the following requirements:

  • You need to have a valid passport
  • You must be medically eligible to enter UAE
  • You must be between 18 and 60 in age.

The government will arrange for the screening of HIV, Hepatitis, TB, and other communicable diseases. In case you have any infection, you will be barred from entry and working in Dubai. You must also authenticate your certificates and degrees by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and home country authorities.  Be ready with all formalities and paperwork. Strictly follow all rules and regulations. The visa required for Dubai is determined by the duration of stay, the purpose of visit, and your nationality.

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