8 Best Islands to Visit in Kuwait 2020


Are you getting ready to jet off with Kuwait Airways flight deals to explore Kuwait’s island? Damn sure, the Kuwait is gulf country that is located in between the Saudi Arabia and Iraq. It is famous for its glamorous lifestyle and oil rich sources. The fantastic Island leads the expatriates and tourists due to the great hospitality and tantalizing taste of the contemporary Arab culture. Likewise, music, artist’s scenes, theatrical performance and huge biodiversity heritage are have ranked it them among the top Persian Gulf states. Tourist must experience the luxury, breathtaking islands that living and diversity surprised you by providing the chances of the amazing activities. Read the top islands in Kuwait.

Visit Islands in Kuwait

1.      Bubiyan Island:

Bubiyan is the largest Island that is located in the western side of the Shat Al Arab delta, while in the Northwestern corner of the Arabian Gulf in Kuwait. This island is spanning on the 863 square kilometer area. In fact, due to its gigantic size, the authorities wanted to turn this Island into the Shipping port. It proves greatly helpful for the sea trading if it will happen. This island is becomes the stopover of the migratory birds. Yeah! If you are fortunate, then you can catch the unique species of birds during the visit of this Kuwait’s Island. Plan your calm night picnic view on this beach before begins construction.

2.      Miskan Island:

Miskan Island is the perfect for the family picnic time. This astonishing Island is very fascinating due to the lighthouses. Only families can stay there, if they hire the light house. Tourist captures the photos along the picturesque scenes on this Island. If you are also interested to explore the small one Island in Kuwait, then you should need to visit the Miskan Island with your family and enjoy the tasty seafood that make your taste buds habitual of its taste.

3.      Warbah Island:

The Warbah Island lies near the mouth of the Euphrates River and is located 100 meters east of the Kuwaiti mainland, more than one kilometer north of Bubiyan Island, and one kilometer south of the Iraqi mainland estimated. However, it is the large mudflat that’s size is approximately 37 square kilometers. This Island considered the paradise of the birdwatchers because this is also one of the migratory bird spot. Along with the birds, the dolphin, humpback whale and many other sea animals also give you chance to appreciate them. You should capture the view to make your instagram worthy with the beauty of the Warbah.

4.      Auhah Island:

Auhah Island is one of the tourist’s favorite spots in the Kuwait. It is situated on the southeast of Failaka Island. This island is considered the place of the humpback whale and different species of turtles. You can go there and stroll at the beach along the waves with your love one. When you land at the Kuwait international airport, then first go to this Island and capture the picturesque scene of the sea creatures.

5.      Umm Al Namil Island:

As, this trip is different from the casual trip because in this you will experience the adventure and exploring the soft sand of Islands. The Umm Al Namil Island famous for the “lap of Ant”. This is located at the Kuwait Bay in Arabian Gulf, while the island is at shortest, almost 600 meters away from the Kuwaiti mainland. Even the locals used to come there for the fishing and explore the old ruins.

6.      Kubbar Island:

Are you ready to visit the serene Island? Let’s go towards the Kubbar Island, It is located roughly 30 kilometers off the southern coast of Kuwait. Its turquoise-blue waters and pretty soft sand allow you the overwhelm experience. You can enjoy there the scuba diving, swimming, bird watching and many more activities. It is perfect for the family because it has something for every age member in the family. So, approach online flights booking and explore it because the best time to visit Kubbar Island is summer and autumn months.

7.      Green Island:

The one of the famous tourist attractions in Kuwait is the Green Island. Actually, it was the first man-made Island in the Persian Gulf along with the 3.14 kilometer diameter. The tourists and local as well flock there in the huge amount to experience the swimming in pools, children’s playground activities, bike ride, walking trails, and day picnic.

8.      Qaruh Island:

The last, but not least is the Qurah Island. This is listed in the top eight Kuwait Islands. The Qurah Island is renowned with the crystal clear water and splendid ecosystem. On this Island you can see the colorful fish and coral reef. In fact, the Kuwaitis prefer that this Qurah Island is perfect for the diving experience and for the picnic point.

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