Top 10 Street Food Items You Should Try During Your Trip to Udaipur


Rajasthan is a beautiful state located in the North-West part of India and is referred to as ‘Venice of the East’. It is well-known for its artificial lakes, temples and luxurious royal palaces. The city is also among the most popular romantic, honeymoon destinations for newly-wed couples and those eager to derive that spark once again in their lives. You can come across lots of gastronomic items on the streets that you can taste. Getting to taste mouth-watering street food in the royal city is in itself an adventure. Booking taj lake palace Udaipur for your stay is indeed a wise decision as you can enjoy star facilities here and have a grand stay.

Top Street Food to Taste During the Trip to Udaipur

Paani Puri: This street food is quite famous across the country and is a hot favourite among people of all ages. Often, it is considered to be the first choice for those residing in Udaipur city and elsewhere. Its fillings include chickpeas \and potato in the puri, dipped in tamarind juice. It does boast of having an amazing taste of roasted cumin seeds, mint and asafoetida.

Break pakora: This is fried break snack. The whole city enjoys this dish and cannot think breakfast or snacks without it. You can much the mouth-watering break pakoras and enjoy to your fill. You can visit any roadside stall selling these items and order for a plate. The ingredients that go into its preparation are potatoes, onions, spices and slices of bread that deep-fried. Sauce, spicy & sweet chutney is used for its topping to make it more tangy, hot and tasty. You are sure to love having these items.

  • Vada Pav: This is one of the favourite street foods served across the country. In this item, spicy potato is filled within the bun. This simple dish rather has deep-fried potato patty that is kept between two fresh buns. Spicy green chutney is spread within the bun in generous amounts with fried onions and chilly on the side. It is indeed a crowd pleaser and is loved by men, women and children alike. You can also have it for lunch or dinner depending on your moods.
  • Mirchi Bada: It is actually green chilli jalapeno that is deep fried. Chilli is one of the most favoured hot food items that are used in many cuisines. Indians do love having some spice or chilli in almost all of their dishes. But you may not have imagined chilli to be used alone with besan to prepare tasty snacks. Mini green chillies are used in this dish and stuffed with tasty, spiced potatoes. It is then covered with gram flour and then deep fried using oil. They are then served hot and fresh to customers. You can simply relish the spicy treats whenever you feel like.
  • Pav Bhaji: It is soft bread rolls having vegetable curry. It is considered to be the country’s most celebrated local street food. Tourists visiting the country have shown keen interest in consuming this food item everywhere. This is indeed a lip-smacking dish that is prepared using fresh vegetables, spices, herbs and stir fried in oil. The spicy, tangy curry is served along with soft buns fried in fresh butter. On the bhaji’s top is placed a generous scoop of butter along with slice of lemon and some chopped onions on the side. It is just delicious to taste.
  • Egg Bhurji: It is Indian spicy, scrambled egg but with an interesting twist. Generally, it is served along with Indian bread like naan, roti, etc. It is prepared from eggs that are cracked open, cooked on the flat pan within generous gravy and stirred. Potful of spices, onions and tomatoes are used for this gravy preparation, thus providing the eggs with that wholesome zing. If exploring Udaipur city on foot, you should definitely try this tasty, affordable, mouth-watering dish. You can have bread, naan or roti with this item.
  • Daal Baati Choorma: This traditional Rajasthani dish is actually lentils served along with hard wheat rolls. You can come across numerous stalls offering this tasty and flavoured dish. This dish is rather loved by every Rajasthani.
  • Kachoris: If you are planning to have a quick, but tasteful breakfast or snack, then you should have kachoris (fried snacks). You can find numerous outlets, stalls and street vendors selling this delicious item. Such lip smacking items are served along with tasty tamarind chutney. On taking one bite of it, you are sure to order for more. Having cup of tea or coffee along with kachoris will make you to come back to Udaipur for more.
  • Dabeli: This is stuffed bun sandwich and also one of the most commonly sold street food item in Udaipur city and its suburbs. It appears similar to that of its German origin, namely burgers. The Dabeli can be termed to be an Indian version filled with tasty potatoes. It is then garnished with sev (mixture), pomegranates, peanuts and chutney. You can visit any roadside stall to order fresh, piping hot Dabelis.
  • Sandwich and Maggi Instant Noodles: Maggi is undoubtedly the favourite food item that is prepared all over the country. It is also a hot favourite among the young and the old. A plate of happiness, goodness and warmth is what is offered by Maggi. However, there are different flavours and styles of preparation to be enjoyed. In Udaipur, you can taste the famous cheese, potato and chutney sandwiches. Accompanying the sandwich is offered a bowl filled with tasty Masala Maggi. This well-known snack is quite to consume and also sure to fill your heart and stomach. It is also sure to satiate your cravings for good street food.

Indulge in Udaipur’s Culinary Fest

Udaipur city and its suburbs do boast of having lots of street vendors, food stalls serving varieties of food items. You can simply check each one and find out what they are offering. You should try this food item as they are prepared from fresh items. You do not have to worry about safety aspects since the vendors do take extreme precaution and use only good quality ingredients for the preparations.

However, do remember to book your accommodation at the taj lake palace Udaipur to have a grand stay.

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