What is the best way to determine the size of an air conditioning system?


To survive the humid and sticky summer you want an air conditioning system. The air conditioner comes in various sizes that can be selected according to the requirements. You need a different unit for commercial use and a different system for residential use. The cooling capacity should be considered while going for any unit. Selecting the perfect air cooling system that can meet your requirements is not an easy job. There are several factors that you must take care of. As you have clicked here now to know about the best way to determine the size of an ac installation los angeles

Determine Where you will install it

First, you must know whether you are purchasing it for your home or for any commercial use. If you are installing it in any office or you will use it commercially then there are few more factors that you must keep an eye on. In an Office, the heat emitted by equipment plays a vital role in cooling. You should consider this factor before purchasing. In retailers, the openings contribute to heating. The bigger doors mean more will be the heat transfer. In a Restaurant, the equipment releasing heats is a major factor. In a Salon, the airflow must be calculated precisely.

Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems in Commercial use

There are many types of air cooling systems for commercial or industrial use. You should select the right cooling system to meet your needs.


For an office or a store, there are two types of air conditioning systems. Single-split and multi-split. In a single split, there are two basic units- outdoor and indoor. The indoor units come in various sizes. You can choose the size according to the space you have. In a multi-split, one outdoor unit can run multiple indoor units at once.

Building or Factory

The first type for a building is VRF or Mini VRF. In a Variable Refrigerant Flow, one outdoor unit can run several indoor units. If your building size is from medium to large, you can select this system. Whereas the mini VRF can be used in smaller sections. It has a compact design.

Next is a Gas Heat Pump air conditioning system. The outdoor unit has a compressor and a heat pump that can cool the air. It uses gas instead of an electric motor. The GHP system requires less electricity. Hence it reduces the consumption of power.


This is yet another type of cooling system. A chiller uses vapor absorption or refrigerant absorption cycle to cool the air. Ir uses a liquid which is then circulated through an exchanger that ensures optimum cooling. It is used in industries and laboratories. Chiller has two types- Air-cooled and water cooler. The Air-cooled system emits heat in the atmosphere. The water-cooled system has a cooling tower.

Air Handling Unit

It supplies cool air through the duct. It takes air from the atmosphere which is then cleaned and filtered. It is later cooled and sent to the air ducts. There are several components like a water cooling coil, an air filter, a humidifier. These are easy to maintain. It is apt for medium or large rooms.

Right Choice for Residential Use

Now as we know how to determine the size of an AC in commercial use, we will now discuss the size for residential use.

Size of the Room

You must be aware of all the dimensions of your room. First, select a room you want an AC in then measure height, width, and length. You should also know the floor space. If you don’t know the accurate size then you will end up installing the wrong AC. It shouldn’t be either too large or too small. If it is too big then it can cool your room too much, the room will feel less comfortable, more power consumption, and you will have to pay more electricity bills. In case of too small a system, the unit will dry the room and the unit will have more workload.

To avoid any hassle, you can use online calculators. But use the right calculator that asks every detail of your room. It can give false results too so you must gather accurate data.


To make your room thermally efficient, the walls must be insulated.


The orientation of the room is also important. If the window is southern-faced, then it will remain cooler.


These were some of the factors that can help you determine the right AC system. You can contact air conditioning installation Los Angeles to install a system.

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