Tooth Colored Fillings: Restore Your Damaged Tooth


Previously dental fillings used were made of amalgam. Currently, this practice is being replaced by a dental filler without the appearance of a natural looking metal. Nowadays, dentists use colored fillings that give the patient’s teeth a natural look. The material used is resins, composite, and porcelain. The rationale behind using these materials is they are innocuous and foreseeable and that they give a regular dint of the teeth.

The whole procedure of tooth-colored restoration starts with the most important part of the tooth: enamel. Undoubtedly, this is the hardest natural material (even harder than diamond) and contains no nerves or living tissue. The only thing it contains is calcium crystals that are tightly bound to it. Dental porcelains find it easy to imitate the tooth enamel part. The inner part of the tooth is called dentin. This is porous and is more or less like a bone. Dentin consists of microscopic tubes of collagen with deposits of calcium crystals. It is really sensitive and any sensation or sensation in it is transmitted through the pulp to the center of the mouth. Now, as we mentioned, the filling of the color of the tooth imitates the natural tooth is due to the dental compounds. These are made from fillers that do not amalgam, such as resin and silica filler. This is the reason why patients prefer colored fillings because they do not show when they talk or smile.

The other reason for this choice is that metal fillings or dental amalgam fillings do not bond well with the teeth. Yes, they provide protection to the damaged part, but they simply rest on the teeth. On the other hand, the color fillings of the tooth rest completely on the enamel. The tooth-colored fillings create a strong bond between dentin and enamel that leads to better protection. In addition, other methods can strengthen dentin and enamel even after your tooth is damaged. No doubt, it is one of the most commonly used dental procedures by virtue of its effectiveness to render the tooth a natural appearance. Dental problems are very common in these. However, with the help of new and innovative technologies, dentists have developed various dental procedures to ensure that problems are addressed. These dental procedures include treatments such as complete oral implants, dental prostheses supported by implants, immediate loading implants and fixed bridges supported by implants.

When restoring teeth, dentists should keep in mind that there has to be a good bond between resin materials and enamel and dentin. The whole purpose of restorative dentistry is to rebuild a tooth that looks natural and at the same time has the strength and endurance to last a long time. Dentists should also pay close attention to dental sterilization standards when performing any dental treatment. The tooth-colored fillings will use many tools and all of them must comply with this standard.

By now if it is expected that all your apprehensions and doubts about tooth-colored fillings have been cleared. So do not hold yourself back any further and get the procedure done at the earliest.

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