Things You Should Know About Your Physiotherapist


If you visit a physical therapist in Pennsylvania America, you probably have talked on the phone or chatted before visiting them. You most likely have noticed that he/she is a nice person and you may feel like you can talk about anything to your physiotherapist. However, there are a few things that you could avoid telling your physiotherapist. This is because some things may make your physiotherapist push you harder than you need to be pushed. Here are some things you should never tell your physiotherapist.

You are a great trainer

We all know that personal trainers are valuable people of any fitness team and they can motivate you and help you get in shape. However, your physiotherapist is not your trainer. Physiotherapists are licensed professionals with a lot of years of schooling. They have a lot of experience. Sometimes, they serve as motivators and occasionally they may act like drill sergeants. However, the level of healthcare education differs between physiotherapists and personal trainers. Personal training should be kept in the gym. You should let your physiotherapist handle your rehab.

Will you give me a massage?

We all love some massage because it feels good. However, some studies show that certain orthopedic conditions treatment requires a massage. Your physiotherapists may use massage to improve mobility and reduce muscle pain. However, do not call your massage a rub down. Make sure the massage is not the only treatment your physical therapist in PA gives you. Evidence indicates that movement and exercises are the best ways to care for limitations in functional mobility and painful conditions. Massage is a treatment that doesn’t require your active involvement like other types of physiotherapy treatments.

This exercise is very easy

Your physiotherapist will prescribe certain exercises to help you feel and move better. Some of these exercises will be challenging and complicated and some of them will be easy. Sometimes, easy movements and exercises are meant to be that way. Your physiotherapist will have you perform simple movements and ensure you do them correctly. Also, simple exercises and movements that are done repetitively are meant to help you ingrain the new movements in your functional life.

If all your exercises are easy and aren’t helping you move better or get stronger then you should tell your physiotherapist about it. He/she will adjust your plan and ensure that your program is tailored to your needs.

Should I take the medicine prescribed by my doctor?

If you have some medicines prescribed by your doctor then you shouldn’t ask your physiotherapist about it. Your physiotherapist didn’t prescribe the medicine and he/she shouldn’t tell you if and when you should take your medicine.

Your physical therapist in Pennsylvania America may make some suggestions about how your medications affect your healing process but all questions concerning your prescription medication should be taken to your doctor. If your doctor recommended certain medications, take them as long as your doctor feels you need to take them. Let your physiotherapist deal with physiotherapy.

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