The type of comb suitable for your hair type


To brush and comb your hair is a great idea or not? Yes it is good when done in a right manner and with the use of a right comb. Often you put a lot of pressure on the hair products, but do not pay attention to the comb you are using. The best dandruff shampoo for coloured hair is of the opinion that comb contributes to dandruff in a major way. By now a proper use of a comb can ensure a healthy and clean hair.

Types of combs

There are a variety of combs in the market and all of them would not work on your hair. Do drop the habit of picking any comb that comes in your way

Wide toothed comb

The best combs for a natural hair are wide toothed combs. The reason being there is sufficient space between the teeth for the hair to pass without tearing off the ends. Once a proper use of a comb has been achieved you will find change in hair texture as your hair becomes smooth.

Wide toothed comb means proper spacing of teeth between combs. These combs are responsible for people having a long hair, but there is also advantage of people who suffer from short hair. Let us now explore some of the benefits of a wide toothed comb

Detangle easily

A lot of people do have long hair and with the use of this comb it is easy to detangle. No point of using a normal comb as you could tear up layers of obstruction that could cut off your hair. In fact a wide toothed comb is an apt one for your hair.

When you are planning to detangle your hair, you need to ensure it is dry. Another golden rule to follow is never to detangle it when it is wet as damage and even hair fall might occur. If you are suffering from a lot of hair fall during detangle then you should be using a wide width comb.

Be gentle on the head

After application of the best anti-dandruff shampoo for colour treated hair comb your hair with a wide width comb.If you have not gone to use it you might feel how gentle it feels on your head. Your scalp would be smooth and no sort of pain would occur as compared to a normal comb.

The comb would be useful to massage your hair and reduce the impact of an exhausted scalp. For all those of you who do suffer from pimples along with excessive levels of exhaustion it could be tough on your scalp and lead to infection.

Before you are planning to detangle your hair, you need to run your fingers. It is really beneficial if you could do it in sections.  Even the use of butterfly clamps can go on to save every section. Once you have gone on to comb one section twist your hair before you make a move to the other section.

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