The Different Types of Pregnancy Tests


This is a natural thing that is asked to pregnant women that how did they realized that they have conceived. The first thing they will tell you that they have taken some tests and the same has confirmed them about their situation. Then one of them is related to blood exam, and in this case, you have to know about, different types of pregnancy test tools which can be used on a mother-to-be.

There are home pregnancy tests by which you can know that if you are with a child or not. The other tests are there just to make sure the matter because it happens that home exams do not give you proper news and you feel anxious for it. So, in this case, the other types of tests help you in a perfect way. Here, we have listed the options to help you out.

  1. Test in home

This you can get with a digital stick and it can be used up to 6 days, and you can get the device in any medical store. There are some shortcomings to this thing too, which if you take an early test it will not show you any result. Or it can give you false positive news too, where you are really not pregnant. To make this effective you have to try the stick when you take the first pee in the morning because then the level of hormones stays concentrated. Still, you have to be careful when you take the test, you have to put the stick directly under the urine, then you have to keep it in a flat position, and have to give 3 to 5 minutes to show you the result. You can also contain the pee in a container and then apply the drops into the stick and it will take 20 seconds. You can have a pregnancy test tool kit and get to know about your state after some days over again. This is for when you get a negative result then you must try it again

  1. The accuracy of the stick test

So many women rely on this-this test only, but you must know that only 97% of the results come out to be true. So you must check with other options too. Also, there is another glitch in the stick tests, where it has an expiration date.

  1. Urine test

You can have this in the doctor’s clinic and you will get an accurate result from it. Here, you will get to know about the positive news from the doctor. However, this test will cost you more than the one you have tried at home, but you can get finally assured of your pregnancy.

  1. Blood test

Through blood test you will get the proper news about the pregnancy. The doctors often suggest to take this test, and in some cases, the HCG in the blood can be detected from beforehand. If you get an increased amount of the same in the blood then your doctor will tell you about the result.

Lastly, the test taken at home is affordable but in the clinics where you will get a blood or urine test, will cost you more. However, to get accurate news, you can always take an appointment with a doctor.

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