The 8 Styles and Types of Mannequins for Your Store


Many types of mannequins that are used in stores depending on the purpose of the display and the level of classiness they are supposed to depict. To add variations, there are various styles that also available to suit more to the display of each separate store or the layout of it. Here are a few types and styles of Fashion Mannequins that will suit almost every style and type of display they are supposed to be deployed in.

  1. Realistic Mannequins

These are called realistic mannequins for a reason. They look natural, and lifelike and are designed to look like a real person to a great extent. These have similar face, body and most social distinctions to the most part. Also, their fiberglass skin is made to replicate the human skin making them look even more realistic. Realistic Fashion Mannequins are sized to the normal human dimensions, and their heads are covered with wigs that are styled to look casual or formal depending on the way they are supposed to be dressed up. These type of mannequins are mostly used in high-end or more expensive stores; both male and female versions are shaped and built accordingly making clothes that are put on them look usable and as close to a real person walking on the street as possible.

  1. Abstract Mannequins

This type of Fashion Mannequins are highly popular and are in high demand by the elite stores and displays because of the astonishingly fine detailed finish they have. Abstract mannequins are treated more as contemporary pieces of art shown in quality fashion retail stores across the world. They have facial features that make them stand out of the rest, adding to that they also have other characteristics like muscles, elbows, and fingernails that are not sculpted. Some of the abstract Fashion Mannequins made from fiberglass will have the subtle curves of a human body both male and female versions of them, making clothing put on top of them look fabulous and fashionable.

  1. Headless Mannequins

These offer great options for display that have the limited height of the ceiling. These are also crafted from fiberglass and can come in various sizes, shapes, colors and poses depending on the requirement of the display. The fiberglass construction ensures durability and their neck is usually longer and straight. Male and female headless Fashion Mannequins display all types of clothing efficiently because they don’t offer any emotions at all.

  1. Children Mannequins

Children Fashion Mannequins are a massive thing in the industry; they identify ideas for parents regarding how to dress up their kids on various occasions. These give any display a particular advantage over ones who don’t have them installed. The sub-classes of children Fashion Mannequins are baby, child and teenager depending on the age bracket they are supposed to depict. Baby dummies are comparatively lower in demand to the other two. Teenager mannequins not only give parents ideas about dressing their beloved ones up but also attract teens who are at the early age of fashion and are probably the most attracted to fashion products. They come in many positions; baby mannequins also come in crawling position, and teenager mannequins come in a jumping or happy formation.

  1. Sexy Mannequins

Sexy Fashion Mannequins are the last realistic type in the whole industry. They are used only in particular variety of stores, more commonly in lingerie stores or very posh adult stores. They are made out of high-class fiberglass and have the most realistic human skin feel to them. They have detachable limbs to help to dress them up in lingerie products or even sexy bedroom wear. Most of them are in female gender, but they are available in male forms as well. These types of Fashion Mannequins have voluptuous shapes and are available in many lascivious and provocative poses making the clothing on them more appealing.

  1. Flexible Mannequins

Flexible Fashion Mannequins are in high demand in the present day. Business owners can display them in a ridiculous pose and positions that defy imagination, and that makes their popularity easy to understand. More usual mannequins are made of plastic or fiberglass, while these flexible Fashion Mannequins have their joints made out of high-density flexible foam that can be twisted or molded in many positions. Their heads can even be tilted slightly or moved to the side to incorporate even more poses. They are the easiest to dress up as no limbs are required to be taken off because of their moldable and twistable arms.

  1. Ghost Mannequins

These types of Fashion Mannequins are also known as photography mannequins or invisible. These especially suit high-class retailers and photographers because they tend to not show in pictures only displaying the clothing in a wearable form. Customers can imagine the clothing on themselves and that gives them a better idea of the clothing. They have multiple detachable parts that make the clothing almost look floating in the right wearable position. For these reasons, the ghost Fashion Mannequins are the best-selling types when it comes to online stores and magazine displays.

  1. Torso Mannequins

These Fashion Mannequins are compact and easy to transport and are the most widely available. Some of these torso mannequins come with the option of attaching limbs when needed and can display only the top part of the clothing efficiently. They are very efficient in spaces where there are many Fashion Mannequins in one place and individual clothing lines can be highlighted with them. To add to the bliss of them, they are the cheapest form of Fashion Mannequins.

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