5 Bold and Budget-Friendly Kitchen Design Tricks


Everyone wants to work in a dream kitchen because the kitchen is considered as the place of inspiration and creativity. So, a kitchen should be bright and inspiring where you actually want to spend time. You can make your kitchen a place where you enjoy cooking.  But most of the people think kitchen remodeling is expensive. Check out these stylish and smart design tricks to remodel a kitchen that makes a bold statement on a family friendly budget.

Cost Cutting Cabinetry

Keeping in mind your storing needs and available space, choose  a right sized and cost effective cabinetry solution. If you don’t want to change it, then you can give a new makeover to your cabinet with paint. Consider painting your dark and boring cabinets with bright white, giving a totally new look to your kitchen. Keeping the cost low, you can also switch out the old knobs with the modern and decorative knobs.

Add New Lighting

You can brighten up your kitchen with simple and clever lighting tricks. Adding an LED light fixture overhead is the best and affordable lighting solution that’ll bathe your eating area in a more appetizing area. For under cabinet lighting, you can use incandescent lighting that shinning down on the countertops. You can also decorate your boring ceiling by hanging a light fixture that focuses more light to your workspace, making your space comfortable and attractive.

New Counter Tops

Instead of spending money on buying new countertops, you can transform your kitchen into a totally new one just by resurfacing the countertops with new sheets of laminate. Consider laminated tempered glass shelving, countertops and pot racks are a great choice for tiny kitchens where overhead cabinets make a tight space. It gives you the opportunity to display your shiny pots and dishes while making your kitchen more spacious.

Install A Back Splash

Installing a backsplash is a great idea as it gives an incredible look to your kitchen. But a tile backsplash may be an expensive option, so a painted or porcelain backsplash are the best options. Porcelain backsplash looks perfect in a black & white themed kitchen, adding more elegance. Unlikely marble, porcelain is easy to use and clean, that is why it is a great choice. You can also paint your kitchen backsplash with a bright and solid color that best executes your kitchen decor and design.

Savvy Storage Ideas

The storage choices greatly impact the functionality of a kitchen. In a small kitchen, an extra storage space (if perfectly utilized) can make a kitchen more spacious and organized. Instead of overhead cabinets, consider installing open shelving. Laminated tempered glass open shelving provides you enough storage space while keeping your everyday dishware within easy reach. You can also add more space with wire shelves and under cabinet or under-shelf baskets that will make your small kitchen a stylish one.

These are the easy and affordable kitchen upgrades and kitchen designs that can totally transform your boring kitchen into your dream kitchen.

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