The 4 must-know facts about Tramadol


The pain killers are more familiar to the common man as most of them depend on the pain killers even without a prescription. Sometimes this over the counter treatments will give you great relief. Tramadol comes under the category of pain killers which is normally used for moderate to harsh pain. These medicines come as tablets, capsules, and drops. The injection variant is also available through hospitals. The sustaining pains can be treated using them and one can buy Tramadol online too.

  1. The key features
  • As it is a pain killer it blocks the passage of sensory pain signals to the brain through the nerves.
  • The individuals may have side effects like dizziness and uneasiness on the consumption of this medicine.Many people have noticed this tablet causes of dizziness in the morning as well.
    Tramadol addiction is common among patients who are consuming this for a prolonged period. With the regular visit to the physician, this can be controlled.
    Like most of the medicines, the Tramadol intake also insists on the strict prohibition of alcohol.
    This medicine is available in the shops with different brand names like Invodol, Larapam, Mabron, Maneo, Oldaram, Tilodol, Tramquel, Zydol etc.
  1. Who can consume it

All adults and children above 12years old can safely consume this drug. And for children under 12 years, this medicine is not preferred. In adults also some exclusionis there and normally doctors will check for these case histories before prescribing the medicine.

  • A previous allergic history of Tramadol or any similar composition medicine
  • The seizures on the intake of the medicine
  • Head injury
  • The liver and kidney diseases
  • Respiratory problems
  • Strong alcoholic addiction
  1. When to take Tramadol

According to your physician’s advice, you can take Tramadol in the given dosages. The normal limit per day is 400mg. no restriction like the empty stomach or full stomach intake is there for the medicine as they won’t create any acidity problem in the stomach. The time to take Tramadol depends on the prescribed dosage. The slow relief tablets are preferred once or twice a day. But if you are taking the droplets or the fast curing tablets, you may have to increase the intake to 3-4 times a day. The old aged and the liver and kidney patients must have to reduce the frequency of intake regardless of the medicine. Try to maintain the intake time and the interval between the intakes every day.

  1. The overconsumption

Taking too much Tramadol medicine for pain, it will be very dangerous to our body. The accidental overdose also leads to the following side effects, like drowsiness, sick and dizziness. In some persons, it may cause breathing problems too. The old aged people may get unconscious upon the overdosage. In such cases, emergency hospitalization is a must. The overdose will vary from person to person and the side effects too.


The Tramadol is an effective pain killer for many minor to major treatments. It is always best to use it with the prescription of the physician. One can do  Over the counter treatments at least with the above mentioned basic awareness.

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