Testosterone – A base for many steroid stacks!


Testosterone is a naturally occurring anabolic and androgenic hormone. It can also be administered exogenously and forms the base for many steroid stacks, although not needed in high doses but is essential for making an efficient steroid stack. It is almost necessary to use testosterone either as a primary anabolic compound or secondary supportive compound (mostly in testosterone replacement therapy) in every single cycle. Testosterone is the base for many steroid stacks.Before dwelling further, we need to have a basic understanding about certain elements related to it.

Forms ofTestosterone in steroid stacks:

Testosterone is the base for many steroid stacks.Most of the steroid stacks are injectable ones as the risk factors involved are few in comparison to the oral forms which is risky for the hepatic health.

Regardless of the combinations of the various anabolic steroids, most people prefer some form of Testosterone as the base of all stacks.Basically they are four main forms of Testosterone available.

Testosterone-cypionate, Testosterone -propionate, Testosterone-enanthate, Testosterone –blends – all are basically same and differs in the amount of ester component, as ester regulates the release of testosterone (the less the ester the more it is effective).

Why testosterone forms the base of all steroids stacks:

Testosterone forms the foundation of all steroid stacks and is seconded by many existent users.The reason being is quiet evident as it is the primary androgen found naturally and essential for performing many physiological functions.

High tolerance within the body:

As it is a naturally occurring androgen which is produced, utilized and has been accustomed by the body, so exogenous administration of testosterone will show almost null rejection in comparison with other anabolic steroids.

Needed in Testosterone replacement therapy:

Most synthetic anabolic steroids, when administered exogenously decreases the natural production of testosterone.Maintenance of an optimal level of Testosterone is essential for individual’s physiological and mental well-being. Hence all steroid stacks need to include exogenous testosterone as its base.

It acts as a natural booster:

A high tolerance level of Testosterone in the body ensures an increase in energy, performance and libido naturally,even with small dosage.

Stacks well with other anabolic steroids:

Many anabolic steroids although individually very effective, can cause detrimental effects when coupled. However, Testosterone has an added advantage that it stacks very well with other anabolic steroids without interfering in their performance and compromising the effectiveness.

Highly recommended for first time users and act as a standalone component

Stacking various components in a beginner’s cycle can be quite dangerous practice where unknown reactions by the body are concerned. A beginner without prior history of any steroid usage can expect many types of reactions including many side effects. It will become difficult to track down the cause to a particular component in the combination. And venturing into unknown waters is always not recommended. For beginners Testosterone is the most recommended steroid as it works efficiently as a standalone component without coupling with other anabolic steroids and still works wonderfully.

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