Switch to E-Hookahs for Optimum Pleasure


Since the pleasures are getting advanced, so are the sources. Have you ever heard about electronic cigarettes or E-Hookah’s?  Well these are now hugely used around the globe as a substitute of conventional smoking. It is available in various different shapes and sizes but the real smoking pipe designed only like a long pen that is another reason for some calling it even a hookah pen.

You can find a good variety in Electronic hookah India collection.  In various Middle East and Asian countries, the product is also known as an E-Shisha. These hookahs are made of diverse fruity flavours unlike general hookahs or pipes. You will easily get them at various convenience stores, fuel pumps and even smoke shops.  You can even get them online as per your taste and budget. There are two different kinds of e-hookahs out there that are disposable and even rechargeable. If you have never tried it you must give it a shot now. After all, it is as exciting and wonderful as you want it to be. Sincee-hookahs or shisha pens become the nonchalant new alternatives to smoking, here is everything you need to know about this fashion.

First of all it is important for you to know that these e-hookahs follow the same general concept as a conventional hookah but these pen-like vaping devices get you the advantage of smoking vapour instead of smoke.

What really are vaping devices?

Whether it’s an e-cigarette, an e-hookah, a shisha pen or a hookah pen, all of such products are covered under the category of Electronic Vaping tools or Devices. Vaping devices are of two kinds, rechargeable and disposable. Though most of the rechargeable e-hookahs need charging of battery, scrubbing of the device and filling of liquid; the disposable e-hookahs allows the users vape anytime without any such trial.

Traditional versus the e-hookahs 

While most of the traditional hookahs need a change of lit coal for best flavours, electronic shisha pens gets you  the same experience as a traditional hookah that too without emitting the horrid smoke. These are even portable, and since there is no need to light any coal there is arequirement for cleaning.  You can easily use it and there won’t be any maintenance too. You can carry it along anywhere you go and that too without a second thought.In case you are looking forward to buy one, make sure you purchase one that does not possess tar, tobacco or even nicotine.

looks and feels good

Whether you believe it or not, these hookahs not just feel good but look great too. You can find them enhancing your experience while doing least harm to you. Moreover, the looks are attractive and add up thrill in your actions. If you think these are going to be really pricy then you are mistaken again.   You can buy electronic hookah online that too within a budget that allows your pocket.


So, if you have always explored and experienced the traditional hookahs, it is time to switch to e-hookahs for the optimum pleasure and enjoyment.

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