How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Value To My Bank Account?


With the involvement of technology, the aspects of doing different tasks also have been changed up to a great extent now. It doesn’t require keeping on standing on long queues for making payments and doing other banking transactions as well. It has now become straightforward to make all of your banking related tasks now, just with the help of few clicks only. Amazon gift card is one of the best sources for securing online transactions these days.

It is one of the leading digital payment solutions for doing different types of transactions. The only things you need to do here is to generate the code for your Amazon pay balance with the help of Amazon gift card code generator, and you will be there at the best of its services. Taking you into brief, money is one of the most critical aspects of your Amazon gift card that you can easily add into it to raise its value. The value-added services in Amazon are quite comfortable and quick and can be easily accomplished with the help of partner websites and apps straightforwardly and conveniently.

Moreover, if you want to know about the value of your Amazon gift card, you can quickly view it under Gifts and Credits on the official website of Amazon, i.e., One of the most critical things about Amazon gift card is that it offers you the facility of adding your money to your bank account as well. You are going to learn about different aspects of Amazon gift card in this article, so stay connected and enhance your knowledge a lot more.

Benefits of using Amazon gift card value

Amazon gift card is one of the most fantastic features of Amazon Pay balance that enables you to enjoy various functions such as:

  • Instant payments: Amazon gift card values can be easily used for making different kinds of fees with the help of just single click only. One of the best things related to this part is that you don’t require any OTP or bank password here to remaining to continue with the related process.
  • Faster refund: It is one of another most important feature of this fantastic payment option that impresses lots of people worldwide. If you are willing to file returns, it is one of the fastest platforms that hardly take 2 hours for crediting balance to your account.
  • Balance tracking: Amazon gift cards are one of the best sources that you can use for monitoring your expenditures along with your balance statements as well.

Withdrawing funds into your bank account

As we have mentioned you earlier that Amazon gift card facilitates the users also in removing funds from Amazon account to your verified bank account as well. The only things that you need to do here are:

  • Go to the official website of Amazon Pay and then click on Shoppers option available here.
  • Make a secure sign in to your Amazon credentials account.
  • Once done, now make click on the option of Withdraw funds and then select a verified bank account here.
  • Next, enter the amount you are willing to transfer to your bank account and then press the Continue option to go further with the process.

It requires 5 to 7 business days for withdrawing funds to your bank account if we do not include the weekends and holidays in it. Moreover, you can quickly view your transaction status by checking it under withdrawal transaction. If your purchase is under process, you will see it as a pending transaction and once it gets completed successfully, it will immediately get reflected your wall with the related notification message.

Reasons and solution for failure of withdrawal transactions

In case if you face Failure transaction message on your home screen, don’t get panic. There are several reasons for the failure of funds to your verified account, it might be due to the idea of the insufficient amount in your mind, or filling up of an amount less than $1 might be a reason behind it. We prefer you to try once again with the related transactions if you once get failed in it, and if the failure of deals persists try with deleting your addon bank account and then adding it once again. If you already have done, with the above procedure and still doesn’t have got your perfect solution for it, you can contact your bank asking them to verify the Automated Clearing House deposits from external sources as well.


If you have an Amazon gift card and are looking for how to withdraw the money to your bank account, this guide is going to help you a lot. Just go through the step by step procedure given above to achieve the same.

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