What are the pre-wedding rituals of a Christian wedding or marriage?


Christians are also an important part of our Indian culture. Though the number of Christians is less in our country still they are an important part of Indian culture. In Christian wedding also there are so many different types of rituals that take place. People can easily find Christian brides and grooms on elite matrimony as because this is a website with varieties of boys and girls. People can have partners according to their choices. The different types of pre-wedding rituals that are done in a Christian wedding are given below:

Pre-wedding rituals of Christian wedding

  1. Engagement
  2. This is the most important ritual in the pre-wedding events of Christian wedding. After so many formal proposes from the groom’s or bride’s side, there is a date set for formal engagement.
  3. In this ritual, the couples exchange the rings.
  4. This is a ritual which symbolizes the bethoral of the bride to the groom. The bride and groom place the rings in the fourth finger of the left hand.
  5. This engagement ceremony generally takes place at a local church. All the friends, family and relatives are invited.
  1. Bridal Shower
    1. After the engagement, the bridal shower is the ritual that takes place. The bride’s relatives throw her a bridal shower.
    2. This is the type of a party which is given to the bride by her friends and relatives. In this ritual, the bride’s friends and relatives play so many games.
    3. This ritual is known as a bridal shower because the bridal is showered with so many gifts, money etc.
  1. Bachelor Party
  1. A bachelor party is a ritual which is done at for the groom by his friends and relatives. It is the same as the bridal shower.
  2. This is a ritual in which the groom and friends enjoy a lot by dancing, drinking and doing so many other activities too.
  3. This is the party which is mainly held at clubs or resorts. In bachelors party, only the men’s are allowed. The entry of women’s is restricted to the bachelor’s party. Therefore, this is the last party which is done before the wedding.
  1. Rose ceremony
    1. This is a sort of an anointing ceremony.
    2. This is a ceremony in which the bride and groom are anointed with oil. It is a ceremony in which all the participants means the relatives, family, and friends of the bride and groom dip their forefingers in the oil and make the sign of the cross on the forehead of the bride or groom.
    3. After this, the oil is poured on the head which is followed by the coconut juice and rose. After this, all the things are rubbed on the head, face, hands, feet etc.

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