Stress Analyzing The Types Of Men Who Are Prone To Menopause


Menopause is more likely to occur in middle-aged and older men. It is a disease that develops due to various causes, but stress is also much involved.

If you are stressed or have physical problems, check the direct causes, main symptoms, and types of men who are prone to menopause.

  1. The direct cause of male menopause

In female menopause, it is caused by decreased secretion of female hormones, but in male menopause (LOH syndrome), it is caused by reduced male hormone (testosterone).

Androgens have various roles, such as the formation of muscle strength, regulation of reproductive function, and creation of fighting spirit and challenging mind. The action of this male hormone keeps a healthy body and vitality. Therefore, research had shown that when the number of male hormones secreted decreases, and the hormone balance is disturbed, physical and mental disorders appear.

  1. Main symptoms of male menopause

When menopause develops, symptoms appear physically, mentally, and sexually functionally.

Physical symptoms: hot flashes, multi-such as sweat, hot seconds, decrease in sleep disorders, muscle mass

Psychiatric symptoms: irritability, fatigue, depression symptoms (depressed feeling, lethargy), such as

Sexual function symptoms: decrease, Vilitra 40 and Cenforce 150 the treatment for erectile dysfunction, and declining Morning Wood of sexual desire – Frequent urine, etc.

The severity of signs differs from person to person, with some having mild symptoms and others having severe symptoms. If you misunderstand it as just tiredness or daily upset, you may have other illnesses, so be careful. In particular, signs of sexual function may be prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, or arteriosclerosis. If you experience erection disorder or frequent urination, consult a urologist or a specialized hospital with a men’s health outpatient department.

In addition, menopause may have individual symptoms in a comprehensive manner if you feel that you have multiple problems or are not feeling well overall, suspect menopause.

  1. Causes of androgen depletion

The decrease in male hormones occurs under the influence of aging and lifestyle. Let’s see what the cause is.


Androgens are secreted most in their twenties and then gradually decrease with age. The rate of decrease varies from person to person, and the age of onset also varies from person to person.

It is generally said that it occurs during the menopause after the 40s, but it may occur in the 30s because the decrease in male hormones may be accelerated due to causes other than aging.

Disordered eating habits

Androgens can be reduced by obesity. Middle-aged and older men in their prime tend to have a disordered diet, which can lead to low nutritional balance and obesity. If you often drink greasy meals or alcohol, improve your eating habits.

Be aware that those with a high degree of obesity are at increased risk of menopause.

Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise leads to obesity and muscle weakness, which causes an accelerated decrease in male hormones. Moderate exercise is essential to prevent and Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 to improve intimate life. Since strenuous exercise reduces male hormones, light jogging, and muscle training are effective.


Since stress causes a decrease in male hormones, those stressed by work, family environment, relationships, etc., are more likely to suffer from male menopause.

Sometimes you don’t notice your stress, and you notice it after you have some problems such as insomnia or depression. Your personality and working style may affect you, so look back on your life to see if you are stressed.

  1. Types that are prone to stress and how to eliminate them

Serious person

Those who are serious and have a strong sense of responsibility, and those who suppress their emotions are more likely to suffer from menopause because they are more stressed. It’s good to work hard, but if you try too hard to keep yourself in check, it will be a heavy mental and physical burden, and the decrease in male hormones will be accelerated.

If you are too severe, you may not be able to tolerate failure, or even a little thing may make you depressed. It is also important not to blame yourself too much, even if you make a mistake. Keep a reasonable pace of work and make time to relieve stress.


People who are impatient and can’t afford to do things or get frustrated if they don’t go according to a schedule are also stress-prone types. If you are busy with time, you may make many mistakes, and even a little trouble may be frustrating.

If you have a habit of being impatient, let’s take some time to relax. It is recommended to take time to refresh yourself, such as soaking in the bath or reading a book.

Those who have poor relationships

Serious people can’t express their opinions well, and impatient people can be too strict with others, affecting communication with others. Be aware that if your relationships at home or work go wrong, it can cause further stress.

Some people may feel that their personality cannot be changed, but consciously changing their usual behaviors, habits, and habits will give them better control. You may not realize that your actions are stressful, so it’s a good idea to ask the people around you.

  1. Stress unique to male menopause

The period between the ages of 45 and 55 is called menopause, but I think many men in this generation are in middle management positions. In an environment where you are sandwiched between your boss and your subordinates, you may be more concerned and stressed.

If you are constantly swayed, excessive stress can increase your diet and alcohol consumption, so focus, and lifestyle-related effects can lead to male menopause.

Insomnia and more stress

Working men tend not to get enough sleep because they work late into the night every day, and they tend to get sleepless due to various worries. Lack of sleep and insomnia leads to a decrease in male hormones and an increase in stress.

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