Richard Blech Talks About Cyber Security & Encryption Technology


In the past few years there has been much discussion about high profile companies being hacked and information being leaked. Most of the companies do not know how susceptible they actually are. Certain leading industry experts say every company is susceptible to hack attacks no matter how much big or small they are.

Richard Blech: The owner and CEO of Secure Channels Inc.

Richard J. Blech is an investor, entrepreneur and innovator whosse main business focus is on technology, data security as well as strategic alliances. He has numerous years of experience in the field of data security and encryption technology. As of now, Richard is working as the CEO of Secure Channels Inc. Prior to this, he has been associated with The Entertainment Security Operation Center (ESOC West) as the founder and chairman. He has also served Imperium Management LLC as the Managing Director and Networld Consulting Limited as Director.

As managing director of Imperium Management LLC, Richard Blech actively invests in technologically advanced projects. He has a judicious ability to determine market trends that are not only profitable, but also pave the way to technological advancement across the world. Richard is considered as a cybersecurity industry expert and has been featured and interviewed in more than 250 mainstream as well as industry magazines and television.

He is associated with Secure Channels currently as a CEO which offers innovative, effective security solutions designed to complement existing investments in security. Their products offer advanced access control, data protection, adaptable encryption, enterprise confidentiality solutions and intelligence capabilities and proximity based monitoring. Richard says that proper encryption technology can help to protect sensitive data, which include personal information for individuals. This assists to make sure privacy and anonymity, and reduce opportunities for surveillance by both government agencies as well as criminals.

In today’s digital age, the number of threats to businesses and their customers has been increasing with every passing day. The largest obstruction in cybersecurity is the uninterrupted security risk that rapidly evolves over short periods of time, leaving businesses with a broadening gap in manpower and the resources required to safeguard their data.

Richard Blech says that in the recent times technology has been evolving at faster rates than ever before and with this new tech comes the increasing number of opportunities for cyber criminals to utilize. Consequently, cybersecurity has become extremely vital for safeguarding personal, business, and customer data from cyber threats. Most companies irrespective of their size have some form of safety for their networks. But, having a complicated password or a firewall are simply not enough. If one wants to defend their businesses and the customers from cyberattacks truthfully, they will have to seek the assistance of more highly developed programs and experts.

Richard says that cyber-crime is not likely to slow down, in spite of government efforts and input from specialists and this is why it has become very much important to have a proper Cyber Security and Encryption Technology in place.

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