Joseph Cianciotto Talks About The Significance of Digital Media


Communication is often considered very important these days in both professional and personal sectors. Communication does not only refer to meeting people but it also refers to finding the information one needs in the smallest time possible. Thus, it enables people to stay knowledgeable about various things. Digital media in the recent times has been able to change the concept of marketing, advertising, and the way information is retrieved and displayed.

Joseph Cianciotto talks about the role of communication & digital media

Joseph, Chief Digital Officer of DDB NY and an Executive Creative Director of Translation LLC has several years of experience in the digital media. Joseph says that the blending of the internet along with digital media has created a new world.

Joseph Cianciotto, has of late served as executive creative director at Translation, where he supervises all content related things within the agency. He has also worked as the creative director and vice president of interactive at D’Arcy Worldwide. He has also been associated with a number of major Fortune 500 brands and won almost all key awards in the advertisement industry all through his career.

Joe says that the fast growth and popularity of digital media is going very much against the traditional methods of advertising and marketing. Apart from this, digital news media is very flexible, powerful, convenient to access, and reasonably priced. The vast advantages of online media are attracting both the clienteles and businesses. It is not strange to find out that several famous companies are turning towards digital media for making their reality known to customers across the world. The role of traditional media is fading quite quickly while the digital media is becoming popular.

Joe says that says that the digital media marketing will be more helpful and productive if carefully and sensibly planned and presented to the customers. The use of audio visual displays, animated or impressive text, and graphics definitely do a great job to attract and support potential customers.

Mr. Cianciotto has obtained the degree from Carnegie Mellon in Visual Communications. As of now, Joe Cianciotto has been residing in Long Island, New York with his daughters Hannah and Sophie and wife Jen. Apart from having expertise in digital media, he has amazing skills in digital strategy, creative strategy, brand development, interactive marketing, advertising, interactive advertising, social media marketing etc.

Each year an increasing number of businesses give up conventional advertising methods and focus on Google Adwords, SEO or Social Media spending vast money on these resources. This is the behind the popularity of the digital media. This digital media tool will enable the business owners to track the products and services of the competitors and their marketing strategies so that one can learn something from them and improve their own business strategy.

Joe says that it is vital to understand that digital marketing does not only apply to the website only and in order to make the business stand out from the crowd, one will need a real tactic that puts prospective customers first.

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