Rhinoplasty: Myths and Facts


There are several reasons why people may consider undertaking the process of rhinoplasty. The reasons behind this procedure can range from cosmetic issues to some heart-related problems. In order to deal with such issues, you must get in touch with a Rhinoplasty specialist in Mumbai. When you connect with a specialist, you know that now you will get to know better about your body and medical condition.

The rhinoplasty surgeon will listen to what issues and expectations you have, therefore It is important that you do not hide anything from him. Listening to you will make him realize the situation better and will help in getting ahead with the treatment. The doctor’s expertise will help you find the best solution for your issues.

Well, there are several myths that revolve around this surgery and that one needs to be clear of. Here are some of them.

Myth: Rhinoplasty is a complex and dangerous procedure

This is among one of the common myths that revolved around this surgery. People often think that undertaking this surgery will be risky and there will be many complications involved. This process requires a careful examination of your nose and the entire treatment needs to be executed properly.

The nose is the centre of your face and it determines the aesthetics of your face. Therefore, if any correction is needed, rhinoplasty is the best option to opt for. Usually, the patients do not report any kind of extreme pain. They experience slight discomfort and the pain is dealt with by consuming sone over top medicines easily.

Myth: Extensive Recovery Time

If you visit a good rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai, you will get to know that rhinoplasty doesn’t take much time to let the patient heal. People often think about rhinoplasty as an intense and tough procedure but the reality is that the recovery process is not extensive and the people can get back to work within 2 weeks as well. So, you don’t need to be worried about the recovery time and should go for treatment with a calm mind.

Myth: Everyone is qualified for rhinoplasty

It is not the case that anyone who feels something problematic with their nose can choose rhinoplasty for them. A lot of factors need to be considered before the doctor asks you to undergo nose surgery. You cannot make your nose suddenly resemble some celebrity or a person of stature. You need to adhere to reasonable expectations based on the structure of your nose. As per professional doctors in Mumbai, rhinoplasty fulfils both aesthetic and functional aspects of your nose.

Myth: It is only for enhancing the aesthetics

If you think that rhinoplasty is only meant for enhancing aesthetics then you might be wrong. There are certain health benefits that you receive after undergoing this surgery. It can help in fixing a birth defect, can repair damage caused by any injury, and leads to enhanced breathing.

Make sure that you visit the best rhinoplasty specialist in Mumbai who can tell you the right things about your medical condition and can help post-surgical processes.

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