5 things to look out for before buying a new Great Dane

The Great Dane is one of the largest in the canine family. All dog admirers wish to have them in their family for sure. They are playful, loyal, and lovable creatures you will love to have around. Originally bred for boar hunting, they can be great guard dogs. They are very much fond of their human companions and always seek out their love and attention.

But, before you plan to include this great personality into your home, make sure your place is well-suited for them. Let us check out and understand these babies and their habits to make necessary arrangements and give them utmost comfort.

They are big, very big

You will happily get a small pup of Great Dane, thinking that I have a lot of room for them, but soon you will realize that they are the room. These are, like their name, Giant in every aspect. They can grow tall by about 90cm to 180cm in their standing height and about 130lb in weight. You need to give a thorough thought about everything from traveling to staying home because they won’t always be feasible to be with. There should be plenty of space and play area for them to release their energy and exercise. As they are huge, their play area should agree with their size. A yard or small garden with lots of toys and activity platforms is best suited for Great Dane.

Their lifespan is short

An average lifespan of a Great Dane is around 7 to 10 years. They may face more than a few health problems like joint problems, dilated cardiomyopathy, bloat, hip dysplasia, and more due to their rapid growth. Make sure your family, especially children, are all aware and prepared for it. It can be a harder fact to accept and go on with your life if your little pal leaves you.

As they face such health issues in their lifetime, you need to be prepared with hefty vet bills and medicinal charges. You can also think of buying pet insurance to help you with these.

They eat more

As they are enormous, their diet is also that great in size, thus, making them high-maintenance. They need a big amount of food per sitting. Also, their food should be vet-recommended, nutritious, and well-suited for them. They also love to eat raw meat. Occasional treats for their training and positive reinforcement are also advisable for keeping them happy.

Though they need larger meals as they grow; try to give them a nationally well-balanced meal. As they grow fast, they may get cervical spinal issues known as Wobbler Syndrome which leads to neurological problems and pain.

Though they look big but are still puppies in mind

They are one of the fastest-growing dogs. Though in a year they can reach a great height, but will still think to sit on your lap. This 100 lb puppy may knock down others in excitement and can get you in trouble. They at times also try to play with other dogs, but rather scare them away, while older dogs don’t appreciate their playful nature. They achieve their mental maturity in about 3 years, which does not correlate with their growing heights. So it is necessary to fully train them before that.

Controlling and training a Great Dane can be harder

It is extremely necessary to train a giant dog like Great Dane, which otherwise could cause potential harm to you and others. They are intelligent dogs and love to learn things. Hence, training them from a very early stage will be very helpful. Basic training in obeying your orders like sitting, walking, standing, and greeting people without jumping or pushing them can add great value. This is especially important when they are around children and senior citizens.

Despite all the facts above, Great Dane is an extremely adorable friend you can ever get. They will surely reciprocate all your love with extra tenfolds. These sweet, gentle, lovable and loyal furry buddies are always there when you need a companion. Make sure that you have everything in place, to provide utmost comfort before you plan to bring these furry giants home. You will never regret spending a single penny when you see how beautiful they have made your life.

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