How Mobile Phone Prices Following The Covid-19


The degree of optimism

Smartphones are not a priority of any common man in this coronavirus pandemic season. People primarily focus on getting food and nourishment moreover they have risk to lose their job. None is likely going to purchase mobile phones even if they wanted to because they had work to do or for students to get online lessons they will be buying laptops, CPU or tablets. The demand of the mobile phones or consumer confidence has been lowered due to worldwide pandemic.

In order to clear my point I had elaborated the reasons how far the mobile phone are going to be hiked following the Covid-19 :

Reason #1

Last time the Xiaomi suddenly hiked its  prices, on inquiring them Xiaomi said due to enlarged lock down in China there is hindrance on its component supplies. On its outcome they had not only hiked the prices of phones but also had already decided to stop all discounts due to the very reason. Most of the other electronics like refrigerators, air conditioning and other electronic machinery prices have been hiked as the main industrial hubs are located in Shenzhen, Hubei and Taipei. The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 has immobilized the principle provinces on which the whole world relies. The lack of supplies resulted in the shutting down of the industries.

Reason #2

The rate of distribution, consumption and exchange has been slower by the last few days. The supply isn’t completely brought to an end but stock and goods are being constrained. Another reason why prices are hiked at unusual value is because as most of the brands had declared that they are transferring the goods and services by airfreight as before Covid-19 they used to ship deliveries by vessels which ultimately lead to increase in selling price.

Reason #3

Most of the employees from different private sectors are being kicked out as the company wasn’t meeting its standard principles as the number of workers is decreased which results in the slower rate of production by covering this iPhone has recently issued a statement declaring that iPhone will be facing controlled supplies throughout the world the constraints are made temporary until the flow isn’t normalized. As the company’s manufacturing partners are also related to China. You can check Iphone Prices in Pakistan through your search engine to get the idea of current statistics.

How long are the prices going to be hiked?

The owners of electronic goods and products have hiked their prices not only hiked but by the last few days the owners of these brands have reduced the promotions, sponsoring, and discounts too. It is estimated that the situation is going to be like this until the industrial activities get compensated. In order to have an idea about mobile phone prices visit Mobile Mall Pk.

Other brand’s perspectives

Realme had stated that they do not have any plans yet to increase the mobile phone prices. Whereas on the other hand most of the mobile brands had provided a sneak peak of their flagships, as they are waiting for the Covid-19 storm to vanish but Huawei has launched all new range of the new mobile phones already despite the presence of Covid-19 storm. Check the recent Huawei Mobile Prices in Pakistan on the website of Mobile Mall Pk.


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