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There always exist, confusion between a videographer and a cinematographer. These two words have frustrated many in terms of their actual definition and lead to discrepancy among many buyers in the market. Many freelance companies and video making business houses are using these terms without knowing the actual difference between them. Here, we are going to tell you what exactly the differences between these two are. There is a very thin line between a videographer and a cinematographer, which has further diminished with the advent of digital imaging in cinemas.

The cinematography is for a large crew.

The Cinematography Services pertain to the science of moving picture photography. Director of photography is often called as a cinematographer also. He is the man who is in total control of the camera and lighting crews during a movie shoot or such like production house.

It is his domain to toe the line of a director’s vision by exercising technical and artistic changes as far as lights, lens, exposure, filters, camera locations or colour coding is concerned. He is the man responsible for it. Every decision of cinematographer has a bearing on the motion picture that is being filmed at any point in time.  His decisions are in sync with the director’s main story line and perception. When we talk about a large production, it is less likely that the expert will operate the movie camera. Therefore, a camera operator has been vested with the powers to do with all operations of the camera under the strict guidance of the cinematographer.

Videographer operates the camera for a small crew.

Videographers work for a small crew size production or sometimes even alone. Videographers operate the camera, unlike cinematographers. Videography is often associated with the word videographer in respect of shooting of small TV serials, commercials, corporate advertisement videos or weddings for that matter. These people single handily manage all affairs of editing, sound and lights. Videographers work at a smaller level as compared to cinematographers in terms of crew, production, projects or budgets. Videographers work alone at times from beginning to finish.

Of late it has been seen that videographers have rechristened themselves as cinematographers.

With the advent of new technologies in video shooting, the lines between videography and cinematography have blurred. Videographers have pounced on this opportunity to be included in the hierarchy of mainstream cinematography. The DSLR video cameras which produce a movie like images take the chunk of credit for this confusion.

Over the years the wedding videographers have started calling themselves as cinematographers adding to more confusion. Videographers are a common sight at every wedding function despite their work they produce, be it good or bad. The wedding industry is a huge business amounting to the tune of dollar 10 billion annually. It simply means that there will be a plethora of wedding videographers who would like to woo the clients with all tricks and trades. The word wedding videographer gives out a mental image of a man wearing a cheap black tuxedo with a cap poised next to a huge camcorder. Therefore, to break away from this stereotypical image, many videographers have started renaming themselves as cinematographers.

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