Why it is worth to implement Lean Manufacturing


If your company is not producing sales up to the standard, despite all the inputs and hard work, then it is the correct time to implement lean manufacturing, which could turn fortune of your organization. Lean manufacturing could be much value-adding experience for you which is widely used business improvement methodology.

Possibly many of us don’t know about this effective system and those who know, they mostly able to apply the basic principles of the Lean but still not getting the desired result the question is why? It is because there is specific need of skills required to influence change other than theoretical knowledge.

One can ask is there any fixed structure of implementing lean. The answer is no, there is no fixed rule to implement this methodology. Every organization has its own environment, need, perspective and implementation totally depended on the condition of organization. However, lean manufacturing has some definite tools and equipment, which is applicable to every company.

Reasons for fallout

There are several reasons behind the unsuccessful lean implementation.

First of all is the complete planning. Companies usually target to reduce waste under lean manufacturing. They turn the focus on this particular area and implement one tool. At the end of the process, we see that the actual problem is still as it is. The correct way is to begin the process after SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Once the problem is identified then the tool implemented would be more effective.

Second is the approach. Any new methodology should be seen as investment initially. There is some cost associated in return of good change. This is completely logical. If you are not well educated, trained and full equipped, then how you could develop.

Basically there are 2 variable expenses of implementing lean. First is getting a lean manufacturing consultant or any other professional assistance. One can say this is not necessary expense but studied has shown that without experienced professional, implementing TPM is impossible. The second is the initial maintenance cost. When we target complete elimination manufacturing waste, automatically maintenance cost increases. But, it tends to slow down, once you are more established.

Tools of lean

There are some fixed tools of lean which makes it unique and effective. First tool is 5S tool. This tool is complete management of machineries and equipment. 5S consist of Sort which means which tool required which is not, Set-in-Order means the necessary one be the closest to work area, Shine means clean the equipment, Standardize means record the visual for setting standard and last sustain means maintain it for the rest of days.

Beside 5S, other tools are TPM (total productive maintenance), SMED (single minute exchange of die), and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

Company can Utilize lean manufacturing principles and tools for the development after it clearly know the area where they are lacking. If this methodology implemented correctly, it can create wonders for any company.

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