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New York City, a beautiful place made up of islands, and you can find water everywhere. The city is filled with brook, sheltered waterways, which provide some of the best water views you will find in America, and most probably, the world. Some of the breathtaking waterfront views in New York City as mentioned below,

  1. The Standard – Le Bain Rooftop Bar

It’s a famous New York hotel which stands aside the High Lane. The main attraction point of it is the Bain rooftop bar which gets all the credit for creating a unique space with a stunning view of the Hudson River.  During summers, you can expect to find world famous DJs in this penthouse for the hipsters of the city.

  1. Long Island City – Queens

When we talk about the great water views in New York City, Long Island is the only place can be thought of. Prepare to get spellbind by great views and also the Empire State building in the background. You must have heard about famous 59th Street Bridge that is build in the center, making it a picture perfect water view.

  1. Fort Tyron Park


The Fort Tyron Park enhances the magnificent look of Hudson River and is also one of the highest points in Manhattan. There are also few spots in the city which you can view directly from Fort Tyron. So prepare yourself to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the most stunning and mesmerizing view, which will be hard to find any other place.

  1. The Brooklyn Bridge

This is the most famous part of New York City and a historical site too.  You have seen in movies also that how Brooklyn Bridge shared the breathtaking views of the city and this view is even getting better as we make our way to the Brooklyn Promenade, with the Manhattan skyline twinkling at a distance.

  1. Empire State Building

This is in one of the famous building. Time has long gone when empire state building was the tallest building in the world but still rises up a quarter of a mile above Manhattan. For this one you have to get tickets and it is totally worth it. Empire State Building offer some awe inspiring 360-degree views of the city, especially as night falls and the urban lounge starts to glow in different shades of lights.

For those who always complain that New York City water views are just for the riches or famous (or both), these were the names of some of the best places in New York City where you will find the best water views so get up and rent a car nyc.

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