Major Reasons That You Need Regular Dental Care Checkups Says Dr.Kami Hoss


Dental health somehow ends up at the bottom of the list of health check ups to be done. It seems to be elective or optional for many but it really should not be the case because it plays an important role in maintaining your overall health.

  • Oral Cancer Screening: Most oral cancer are not detected until the later stages which then makes treatment difficult. So don’t skip out on this vital Iife saving screening process which could dramatically increase your chances of survival just through early detection.
  • Tartar Removal: Dentists like Kami Hoss are trained to remove and clean those areas of your mouth which are hard to reach by using specialized tools to free your enamel of plague since it is what eventually creates tartar when it builds up. Tartar is even more difficult to clean when it hardens and if untreated it leads to cavities.
  • X-rays: Regular x-rays can keep you abreast of the happenings in your mouth like impacted wisdom teeth or if you are in need of a root canal. It’s a misconception that all dental problems involve toothache when the biggest ones go undetected due to lack of obvious pain. But when the problem hits and becomes painful then the damage done becomes much more expensive to treat. That’s why regular x-rays are an necessity since they help in detecting issues which normally go undetermined, like even if teeth have shifted due to jaw problems or due to an uneven bite.
  • Spot problems: After the cleaning is done, the dentist conducts examination to look for cavities and other issues since tooth decay is much easier to treat in its early stages, but once it tears into the enamel then it inflames the soft tissue inside each tooth and from then on it’s spiral down which ends up causing infection to spread to the root and cause serious infections.
  • Helps with Sleep Apnea: People with sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly during small intervals at night which leads to an increase in the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and stroke. So people suffering from his can benefit from a customized mouth guard which would open up their airway and eliminate snoring.
  • Healthy Body: Oral health is also an indication of one’s overall health and poor dental hygiene can very well lead to other diseases like osteoporosis, endocarditis and various other heart diseases and gum diseases.

So dental health checkups are as important as any other form of health checkups and making a habit of routinely going to the dentist is a surefire way to set an example for adults and kids. At the same time you should not miss out on taking the medicines as prescribed points out Dr. Kami Hoss. Taking the right prescription drugs will also ensure that there is no bad side effect or reaction. It also helps in maintaining a good relationship with your dentist so that he or she will know of the problems you are facing and could assist you in finding cheap solutions to expensive treatments. So all in all, you will be making positive changes for yourself.

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