Bharat Coking Coal Limited Tenders – Latest BCCL Tenders


Since the beginning of 2021, the number of the BCCL tenders had started growing massively. The good news is that there’s no signs of stopping, at all. 

But, how are you going to get the latest updates regarding these e-tendering contracts? 

Well, in this aspect, BidAssist will be an ideal choice for you. The platform is, in essence, extremely active and adds more than 15,000 tenders daily. 

Furthermore, there are currently around 350 different BCCL tenders available on the website as well. So, you will definitely get something that’s suitable for your purpose. 

Additionally, BidAssist is known to be one of the most well-maintained e-tendering platforms in India. It has a decent UI, doesn’t crash, and provides an excellent user experience as well. 

Besides, BidAssist also offers a hefty amount of tender details when you search for a particular contract. You can get more information about it by downloading the document. 

So, all-in-all, if you are looking for an ideal e-tendering hub for your convenience, then BidAssist ticks almost all the boxes. 

However, what are the best BCCL tenders currently available on the website? Will they be ideal for you at all? 

Her,p, we will offer some insights on some of the decent contracts available on BidAssist in this segmen in this write-upt. So, be sure to keep reading! 


  • BCCL Tender, Electrical and Maintenance 


This BCCL tender is all about rewinding and repairing electric motors. It is a somewhat less difficult task to perform. Thus, it will be perfect for you if you are looking for some “quick jobs”. It has an overall tender amount of INR 18,000 and will be closing on 27th July. If you need any other details regarding it, then be sure to download its documents from the site. 


  • BCCL Tender, Miscellaneous 


Unlike most other BCCL tenders on BidAssist, this one has a bit higher tender amount (INR 1.32 lacs). However, in this aspect, you will have to supply TT horn, 24V, etc. So, the task can be a bit difficult as well. In any case, the tender is only available until 27th July. So, make sure to bid on it as soon as possible. 


  • BCCL Tender, Electrical and Maintenance 


Although the task for this tender is almost like the first option, it has a better tender amount (INR 27,850). Moreover, in this case, you will have to provide maintenance to the electric transformer of the organization. Be sure to download the documents of the contract to get more information about it. It doesn’t cost much at all. 


  • BCCL Tender, Jharkhand 


With this BCCL tender, you will have to supply spout bush for 11 KV and others. It has an overall tender amount of INR 1.95 lacs, which seems to be pretty much considerable. Additionally, the closing date of it is pretty far away as well. So, all-in-all, it would be a decent option for the MSMEs. 


Finding the best BCCL tenders on any platform can be a difficult job. You will have to do a lot of research on them, buy their documents, and compare one with others. Hence, to save your time, we have tried to shed light upon some of the offerings we consider ideal for anyone. We would request you to not only go by our words alone. Be sure to visit BidAssist and check the other options as well. Hopefully, you will find something that suits best your organization.

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