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1st March 2020, New Delhi: Admissions24 is a website that is a one-stop destination for all information related to education in India. It covers all the details from preschool to university. This website is launching an Android and iOS app for students and their families on 8th March 2020. Thus, those aspiring for admission to colleges in India can make use of this highly useful app.

Education is a potent process that boosts social change and economic progress in developing countries by providing communities the chance to gain control of their destinies. Admissions24 is a solid and pioneering platform that collates all information related to education. It will be the first app that showcases information from the foundation of preschool and carries on to the university level.

The portal has a well-skilled and excellent team of data miners who can showcase all information that will help you make the most important decision of your life- where and when to gain an education. The app aims to assist you in every step of education.

The app can be used to search for/monitor/evaluate all educational institutions like universities, colleges, schools, preschools, coaching institutes, and personal tutors.

Use the app to book appointments with educational authorities like principal, admission officer, or management.  You can also use the app to save records in the student database like certificates, degrees, transcripts, etc.

One can download sample papers of various board and professional entrance exams. Stay updated on the most recent campus/ school news related to the colleges and universities in which you are interested.

For those desiring to study abroad, the app can help you get in touch with vendors of student visas. The app can also provide you with e-mail alerts from colleges/universities that you follow. You can contribute to the app by providing rankings and feedback on all categories of educational centres listed on the app.

Go beyond education to find valuable opportunities for employment in the government and teaching sector in the country. This portal offers you the opportunity to upload your CV or resume for the same.

Another useful feature of the portal and the app is its integration with Google maps. With this, you can find your way to the physical location of any educational centre however far it might be.

By using this portal and app, students can find the top-ranked colleges of their dreams and courses about which they are passionate. One needs to log on to the portal or download the app and click on “Colleges” on the landing page.

Students can conduct a search by listing all colleges in the country and what colleges are available in various locations, from a database of over 11,033 colleges. The portal offers a wide variety of options. One can search for medical and engineering colleges for UG, PG, MPhil, or Ph.D. search can be conducted based on college fees, location, and ranking/ rating.

About The Company: Admissions24 is a website that is a hub for information on educational centres right from preschool to university in India. The company is launching a mobile app that will make the website more accessible on mobile devices.


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