Know more about Breast feeding Versus Formula


Let’s dive into the truth in the facts behind both sides of the equation so that moms can be sure that they choosing the right way to feed the baby. This is a controversial topic and people are very opinionated about the way to feed their babies and just truly don’t understand that we are all monks and we need to support each other when we don’t know the background of a certain mom so may be medical history, health history or maybe a baby was adopted and there’s no way to get breast milk so please just this is a judgment-free zone.

It is the right time to talk about the benefits to breastfeeding and formula feeding. So off course breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed baby and baby get all kinds of nutrients as well as help babies with fighting off diseases’ infections. On other side, formula is also very nutritious for babies as it will allow them to grow it right and feed them and make them sustain until they are able to eat solid foods and drink cow’s milk which happens at twelve months so it is absolutely right that breast milk is healthier but formula is also a solid choice for women who can’t breastfeed or just a kind of not in the cards for them. Formula is a perfectly acceptable way to feed baby and the second factor that a lot of people consider to this debate is a cost associated with either breastfeeding or formula feeding and that is a huge argument. Breast milk is free as it actually takes about four to five hundred calories a day what mom eats to create breast milk and if breastfeed abusing breasts then that will definitely cut cost down except mom got have to buy nursing friendly bras or tops. Second associated cost would be buying a breastfeeding would be buy a breast pump and storage for breast milk. Moreover, Formula is a lot more expensive and that is the point where formula loses out. It costs approximately 800-1000 INR for about 247 fluid ounces of formula and the next point of contention in this argument would be the convenience factor so it is obvious that Breastfeeding is very convenient which is available at home. But the convenience factor might actually way more towards the formula and it is easier to scoop something into a baby feeding bottle and add water. So, breastfeeding and baby feeding bottles would be the same amount of convenience.

Another important thing to consider is bonding as a mom is getting attached to baby while nursing and it is really magical as well as bonny experience. But mom losing out on too much of any sort of bonding while formula feeding but they still look deep in each other’s eyes and it is really sweet but there is the benefit that other loved ones are able to have the experience of bonding while bottle feeding.

Breastfeeding has many health benefits for Mom including helping mom to lose weight and actually decreased the risk of breast cancer so definitely physical health benefits are there. Moms who suffered from postpartum depression or any sort of anxiety from being a mom that formula-feeding actually can help with psychological health benefits.

The bottom line is these ways of feeding baby are both healthy and supported by pediatricians and health professionals all over the world. So, both are great options and totally legitimate ways of feeding baby.

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