Keratin Hair Treatment a Modern Way To Give Hair a New Life


Several individuals who visit a hair salon only go in to get a haircut or for a new hairstyle, but many reputable hair salons actually offer a number of different sorts of services in addition to the ordinary hairdo. Unfortunately, certain beauty salons do not advertise themselves well enough, so many people are not aware of all the extra treatments and products that are on offer. Most clients don’t know what new service or treatment is going to launch in their favorite salon.  Here we are going to discuss one of the most advanced and demanding hair treatment, which is being offered in modern like hair salon Fredericton

What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin is a type of protein that is normally found in the hair, skin, nails, and teeth. It is a fibrous structural protein made up of living cells and can be hard (nails) or soft (skin). Usually, a waterproof, strong, and protective cover is formed for the most sensitive parts of the body.

Does Keratin hair treatment really bring a change?

Keratin treatments are smooth and de-frizz by strengthening the keratin proteins present in your hair. These proteins infuse and coat the hair, giving it a smooth, shiny finish. Once applied, a hot flat iron or hairdryer is used to seal in the treatment and ensure the smooth finish lasts longer. The keratin in your treatment reforms the protective layer around your hair to protect it from other daily damage.

Is it made with harsh chemicals?

The new range of natural keratin care contains 0% formaldehyde. They are designed to smooth and reduce hair volume by combining two of Brazil’s natural ingredients, acai, and guarana, with the latest in amino acid infusion technology. When you treat your hair with natural keratin conditioning treatments, you can get the hair you have always dreamed of that looks and feels great.

The hair is essentially made up of the protein alpha-keratin, which corresponds to 80 to 90% of the weight by the mass of the hair. The main amino acid found in keratin is cysteine ​​(36% of hair makeup), which is responsible for cysteine ​​compounds. Cysteine ​​can interact with another cysteine ​​in the same chain and form a covalent bond. These bonds are responsible for the “waves” that appear on our hair. New keratin hair treatment systems available promote the release of sagging and repair damage caused by chemical processes in one step. No more chemicals, beautiful natural hair!

Are the results long-lasting?

Keratin treatment does not need to apply all day. Your hair can be transformed in under one and half hours, and results can last up to 3 months (depending on your hair type and how you take care of it). You can wash and style your hair within two days. Most keratin hair care is compatible with all hair types: chemically treated, relaxed, straightened, and the virgin.

Is Keratin a safe treatment?

Many females and males who have performed keratin hair treatment are amazed at the results: smooth, sleek, and manageable hair. After years of trying to tame unruly hair, it can seem like a miracle.

However, others have found that the risk was not worth the results. The chemicals used in the treatment are extremely harsh and are known to cause respiratory illness and even cancer in people who inhale the fumes. Both hairstylists and clients should wear protective masks and perform the treatment in a well-ventilated room. However, these actions are not taken as often as they should.

What is Keratin?

In fact, there is nothing dangerous about keratin. Keratin is a protein naturally found in hair, skis, teeth, and nails. The most potent keratin protein on the market comes from sheep wool and is used in its natural state to protect and heal damaged hair. Since keratin is completely natural, it will not harm your hair or your health. In fact, it doesn’t affect the structure of your hair enough to make it smooth.

While it cannot straighten, it does an amazing job of healing damage. Keratin hair treatments take advantage of this property by exposing your hair to extremely harmful chemicals and then relying on the keratin to repair breakage and strengthen the hair. It is these chemicals, not keratin, that is at the root of the controversy surrounding keratin hair treatments.

How to get benefit from Keratin hair treatment

Keratin can make damaged and frizzy hair silky and smooth. Again, it cannot straighten curly hair. If you want softer hair and don’t want to worry about straightening it out, you can definitely benefit from keratin hair products.

Keratin shampoo and conditioning treatments can be used to repair damage and make your hair smoother and healthier. It is safe to use keratin in your hair (but check the other ingredients of the product you are using), so you don’t have to worry about damage or potential health risks. Keratin is also suitable for any type of hair: curly, straight, long, short, damaged, or healthy.

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