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If you want to look like a fashion diva, you must shop strategically when it comes to style. In this way, you can enjoy having an unlimited supply of outfits that look great on you. Fashion and style consultants suggest you should start by investing in outfits that work perfectly for your body type and shape. Now, if you are not sure about the clothes that look the best on you, you should examine items in your closet that flatter your body. For instance, if you look great with skinny high-rise jeans, you should invest in more of them. You should have fun with experimenting with different colors, fabrics, and embellishments with the confidence that you already look good with these items.


Know how to balance your tops and bottoms at the official Victoria Barbara site


Victoria Barbara is a well- known fashion blogger from New York famous for her high end and street style collection. Her Official Victoria Barbara site contains valuable tips and suggestions for women of all ages who wish to enhance their personal style statements. She says that when it comes to personal style and fashion, you should ensure the tops and bottoms of the outfit you wear are perfectly balanced.


Look at catwalk models and see how they align their clothes to form a unique style. The trick here is to plan your outfits with care. Models indeed look amazing with both tight and loose outfits; however, you will find this balancing act is very challenging to pull off in real life. You need to plan out outfits that complement one another. For instance, she suggests if you are wearing a shirt that is loose, you should pair it with tight pants, and if you are sporting pants with wide legs or a long full skirt, team it up with a top that is cropped or fitted.


Always check out your outfit in the fitting room


Victoria Barbara says you should never go out shopping if you are not prepared to face yourself in the fitting room. In case you are too tired or feeling rushed, it is prudent to stop and shop on another day when you have time. Note that designs and fits change with stores and so you must try on the items first before you bring them home. She also says that you should dress for the piece you intend to buy. For instance, if you are shopping for an evening gown, go to the store with high heels and the proper lingerie instead of wearing sneakers and a sports bra.


Victoria Barbara says you should keep these tips in mind when you are shopping for the latest fashion items. She regularly shares style trends for 2020 on the Official Victoria Barbara site so you can check out her suggestions. She says fashion is something that women should never ignore, and the best part is there is always something for everyone!

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