Ivy’s Mukta Vati online purchase, and its’ advantage

This medicine is mainly used to control high blood pressure. It is anti hypertensive, and antidepressant Ayurvedic medicine. It controls the pressure of the blood and makes the pressure normal. This medicine is also beneficial for stress-related disorders. This medicine is processed with Rauvolfia serpentine which is also called Indian snake root or a sarpagandha and other many herbs used to increase the potency of the medicine. Indian snake root or sarpagandha is the best anti hypertensive herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. Mukta Vati is the best medicine to cure the problem of high blood pressure.

Ingredients of Mukta Vati

There are different types of herbs and natural ingredients are used in Mukta Vati. There are-

1. Centella Asiatica or Gotu Kola which is also known as Mandukaparni.
2. Convolvulus pluricaulis also called Shankhapushpi.
3. Acorus calamus or Vacha.
4. Onosma bracteatum or Gawain.
5. Celastrus paniculatus or jyotishmti.
6. Tinospora cordifolia which is known as Giloy or Guduchi.
7. Withania somnifera or Ashwagandha.
8. Mukta pishti or Moti Pishti.
9. Praval Pishti

Apart from these ingredients, different kind of herbs is also used in Mukta Vati which enhance the potency of the medicine.

Medicinal Properties and Therapeutic indication

There are different kind of Medicinal properties in Ivy’s Mukta Vati. There are-

• Antidepressant
• Anti hypertensive
• Anti stress
• Anti-anxiety
• Mind relaxant
• Antioxidant
• Mild Anti-inflammatory
• Adaptogenic
• Sedative
• Anticonvulsant

For following kinds of diseases Mukta vati is helpful and also cure the problem. There are brain disease like- Depression, Anxiety, mental stress, mental agitation, irritability, emotional trauma and insomnia or sleeplessness and heart disease like high blood pressure or hypertension.

Benefits and uses of Mukta Vati

For different kind of brain diseases and heart diseases Mukta Vati is very much beneficial. Mukta Vati is very mainly beneficial for depression and calms mental agitation and mental irritability. People who have suffered from a mental disease like hypertension, stress induces hypertension for them this medicine is very much effective. The main ingredients of Mukta Vati reduce hypertension and high blood pressure. The ingredients or the herbs of Mukta Vati have antidepressant, anti-anxiety and anti hypertensive characteristic which help to reduce a different kind of problems. These, herbs are calm the mind and give soothing. Through this medicine, a person can feel relax. Ivy’s Mukta Vati is the best medicine for agitation, depression, anxiety and different kind of disease which is happening for hypertension.


Ivy’s Mukta Vati is easily available in the market. There are many companies’ produces these kinds of products. One can also search for Mukta vati online and know more about this medicine. This product has many advantages which make it the best product for depression and hypertension. Mukta Vati is only made with Ayurvedic products, herbs, and natural products. There are no chemical properties used in this product. For different kinds of diseases, Mukta Vati is effective in nature. In controls high blood pressure, anxiety, hypertension etc. Nowadays mukta vati is also available in the market and easy to purchase.

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