8 Inch Mattress Thickness And Quality Of Sleep


Did you know the fact that the thickness of your mattress can directly influence the quality of your sleep to a great extent? Whether it is too dense or too slim, there are high chances you will end up having negative side effects depending on your age group. For some, the width is not as significant as the materials filled inside, and the overall excellence of the mattress.

As per industry experts, one should not overlook mattress thickness when it comes to your comfort and improved quality of sleep. Mattress thickness should not be overlooked when considering your comfort and quality of sleep. However, a denser mattress may make you feel uneasy while sleeping. On the flip side, even a slimmer mattress is very often considered not very comfortable for grown-up adults.

When you are thinking about shopping a new bed, consider the breadth of the bed as a standard recommendation for the level of comfort and support you will be getting. Obviously, the materials filled inside the mattress do make a real difference in thickness and resilience.

Breadth in mattresses is one of the best ways to narrow down your search for a new bed. You may want to initiate your pursuit with this, particularly if you are uneasy in your existing bed. Don’t stress yourself though. When it comes to an 8-inch mattress or a 12-inch mattress the difference could be marginal so don’t get preoccupied on the minute fine points.

Keep reading to learn some of the benefits of using a thicker mattress.

Benefits of a thick mattress

A thick mattress usually guarantees a higher level of ease and quality sleep. Here are some of the benefits of using thick mattress up to 8 inches:

  • As per the studies conducted, it has been revealed that many couples and heavyweight people have expressed that they found a lot of more comfort in a thick mattress. When added weight is put on a thick mattress, it tends to provide comfort even with the accentuated compression. The comfort layers in an 8-inch mattress don’t descend down to the base and you will still be able to lie comfortably on the top of the bed and achieve the benefits of an even and well-supported surface.
  • Thick mattresses are relatively more durable. The added material enables them to stay durable for a longer duration instead of sagging and become out of order.
  • Expecting mothers usually feel more comfortable sleeping on a thick mattress. During pregnancy, particularly when you reach your third trimester, movement is severely confined in women and they tend to sleep on their side. Furthermore, twisting at the midriff to sit down on a low surface becomes gradually challenging. An 8-inch mattress during pregnancy time will make it quite easier for pregnant women to get into and out of the bed without a struggle.

We hope this information helps and you delight in your quest for the perfect bed, as well as, an 8-inch mattress.

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