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One cannot deny the fact that technology has been a blessing for every one of us. Our life, businesses everything has been completely transformed through technological advancements. It has added much-needed flexibility and convenience to one’s life. There are so many areas where everyone thought that nothing new can come up but to everyone’s surprise, technological advancement made it possible for more better and innovative offerings. E-surveillance is one such advancement that has completely transformed the old and traditional methods of surveillance. They provide much security to the employees when installed by the employer thus keeping them focus on their work as they are not worrying about their security 24×7. Besides this basic function, they also provide other benefits such as only allowing access to an authorized person, sending alarm signals, etc. One must look only for the best corporate e-surveillance services to get advanced and innovative solutions in the field of security.

Not many are familiar with what e-surveillance stands for and why it is so important for businesses to invest in these. E- Surveillance is a technique under which recording and observing of spaces take place in the areas where they are installed with the help of CCTV cameras, sensors, etc. to ensure that proper safety and security by noticing any unusual activity that might be happening. It not only helps in detecting the crime but also works to prevent the crime. It is a proactive technique that helps businesses to save from huge losses. Enterprise e-surveillance is an improvement and update over the outdated security system.

There are different systems under e-surveillance that the business can put to use for its benefits. But for this, it is vital for the enterprise what is their security needs and then invest in the right type of security system to get the best possible outcomes. Some basic e-surveillance systems satisfy the broad needs of the enterprise. These are mentioned as below:

  • CCTV cameras: These are the most common and popular e-surveillance systems that can provide security to its user. They are installed to record and observe the activities of people so that one can easily detect suspicious activity and thus in time proactive action can be taken. They are installed at important places to ensure maximum protection. CCTV cameras nowadays allow its users to get the live feed from any part of the world-leading to real time monitoring.
  • Video Door Phone: It works as an intercom and is majorly installed in a residential area. Under this, the person can see the person on screen, and only if they are sure of the identification of the person they can open the doors. This reduces the chances of intruding.
  • Access control system: These are installed in offices. Under this the person whose fingerprint is stored in the system, only that person can access the facility and for others, it is locked. These ensure that only authorized persons have the required access to the facility, thus ensuring protection and security. These are also integrated with another system to get the maximum security.
  • Intruder Alarm system: Under this approach, when someone who is not authorized to enter a location or facility enters it then this system sends alarms to the required party about the breach. This blend of sensors and cameras are used to find and locate the intruder. They thus lead to security wherever they are installed.
  • Home Automation system: Under this it allows the users to control electronically and automatically the various appliances and security systems on doors, windows, etc. These ensure maximum safety to one’s home.

These are the basic security systems that are used for security purposes. One according to their needs and requirement of security and surveillance selects the most appropriate one. There are various reasons that why more and more people are going for corporate e-surveillance services. They provide several benefits to their user. Some of these benefits are mentioned as below:

  • Remote Monitoring: E-surveillance system enables its users to practice remote monitoring. This means that one can monitor and track all the activities where these are involved from anywhere and at any time. They have access to the live feed from any corner of the world. It is therefore not essential for the one to be present on the premises to set up the alarms in case of any emergency or mishaps. One can send it from wherever they are having access to it. One can access the real-time video as well as the recorded video via mobile, tablets, etc.
  • Multiple Surveillances: With E-surveillance one can have access to multiple locations on a single and centralized platform. Thus this leads to saving the time and cost involved in managing the security of different location through different system. With the help of one single system, the surveillance is much more proactive.
  • Cloud Storage: The e-surveillance footage can be easily accessed through the efficient cloud storage system. As the video is storage with the help of cloud server there is no difficulty in having access to these.
  • Check on employees: E-security systems not only keep check on unknown person but also keep check on employees and provide information about all the wrongdoings that the employees might indulge in which can cause huge loss to the business. They are utilized to monitor their activities and get hold of any unwanted activity. They play an important role in controlling internal theft. These must be installed where the chances of these thefts are high
  • Assets Protection: E-security is essential as it protects your assets from both internal well as external theft. Assets may include money, furniture, or even sometimes IP, etc. These assets are valuable to the organization, and any loss of them can be devastating for the company. Installing the e-surveillance system is the cheapest as well as a convenient way of safeguarding the assets of the company. One can easily track and monitor the activities and can easily notice any suspicious activity that may pose a threat to the assets and thus giving the businesses more time to combat these issues.

Hence these are some of the reasons that explain the benefits of the enterprise e-surveillance.


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