Everything You Need To Include In Your DJ Contract

When creating a contract for your wedding DJ Melbourne in Australia, there are some essential things you need to include in the contract. Finding the right entertainment for your wedding reception is very important. Great wedding DJs can be hard to find, especially when you are looking for a specific personality or sound. However, even after you have found the right DJ to do the job, you need to ensure that your contract has all the necessary things for a stress-free wedding experience.

The DJ you hire for your wedding will need to sign a contract. The contract will ensure that you get everything you are paying for and your DJ also gets everything you promise to pay. Here are some essential things you should include in your DJ contract.

Time, date and location

You should include the location, the time and date of your wedding in Australia. You should also include the time you expect your Melbourne DJs to arrive at the venue.

DJ assistant

If your DJ will be coming to your wedding with an assistant, it is important to write the names of the DJ in the contract as well as their backup assistant. Make it clear whether the DJ will act as an MC for the night.

What the venue will supply

When writing a DJ contract, it is important to highlight what the venue will provide as well as what the DJ should bring. This may include tech supplies, extra chairs, lights, amplifiers and anything else you would want the DJ to bring.

Dress code

You can also include the dress code of the wedding DJ Melbourne in Australia if necessary. Some couples like to have their DJ dressed in a certain way. While you can tell them during your meeting, you can also outline it in the contract so that they don’t forget.

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