How to Grow Taller


Being short is not a thing to be ashamed of. It does not hamper your wellbeing or your success in life in any manner. Still if you wish to ad few extra inches to your height or want to maximize your growth while you are still growing, then here are few things which you can keep in mind to know how to grow taller naturally at home.


Balanced Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet is necessary for any kind of growth in your body. You must incorporate all kinds of fruits and vegetables in your diet to let your body get all kinds of nourishments. You may even contact a dietician to get your diet chart that will help you boost your height.

·        Drink Milk

Milk is the main source of calcium, which is essential for the growth of your bones. The proper growth of your bones will ensure that you are taller than you would otherwise be.

·        Eat Spinach

Spinach have all the necessary ingredients that a healthy body needs. Which includes vitamins A and C, fibers, proteins, calcium and iron. It also low in fat and hence promotes healthy growth without making you bulky.

·        Eat Carrots

Incorporating carrots in your daily diets in form of juice or salad can help you grow effectively. They are rich in vitamin A which promotes healthy growth of bones and muscles. But you must not go overboard while consuming carrots as that can have negative impact on your body and its growth. Try to eat one medium carrot daily.

·        Eat Eggs

If you are not a complete vegetarian, then incorporating one or two eggs in your daily diet can help you get that extra protein which promotes the growth of your bones and muscles.

·        Quit Smoking

Smoking in general damages cells and organs and hampers your overall growth. Hence, you must quit smoking completely in case you wish to grow tall.

·        Limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol also hampers your overall wellbeing. Hence if you want to grow in healthier manner and want to maximizes your height while you are growing, then you must limit your alcohol intake.

Exercises to grow taller

Here are few exercises and activities that you must incorporate in your daily lives to grow taller.

·        Doing Weights

If you want to grow taller, then you must avoid doing weights. You must incorporate lots of cardio in your exercise regime. Weights generally tends to hamper your growth potential in terms of height.

·        Don’t stress a lot

As we all know, stress hampers our overall growth in whatever sense we say. We must avoid taking too much stress and try meditating exercises. Also, incorporate a sound sleep of around eight to ten hour every day to maximize your growth.

·        Skip Rope

Skipping rope gives much need boost to your growing muscles and help you to grow more and faster. Studies show that this promotes your growth till the age of 35.

·        Yoga

Two yoga poses are said to be very beneficial in promoting your growth. These are namely cat pose and cobra pose. Try to do them on daily basis to improve your posture and maximize your height.

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