How to choose the right corporate function venue in Auckland


Organising corporate functions including hiring a function venue Auckland, demands lots of planning and execution. From creating the guest list, tracking number of attendees, arranging beverages and food, to organising their stay – there are various corporate event aspects that are beyond the meeting itself. The most significant though is deciding on the venue.


Corporate events vary – a formal conference to be attended by important delegates, a board meeting, or maybe an informal get together like golf meet. Nevertheless, there are certain factors to consider when choosing the venue.


  1. The event’s location

The most critical criterion in choosing a corporate event venue is its accessibility to those attending. As the event has a definite purpose that needs attendance confirmation from all invitees, it is quite crucial that they should be able to locate and reach the venue with as little trouble as possible. The location of the venue of any corporate event must ideally be well linked to by a popular and accessible means of transport – air, road, or rail. Lots of times, a corporate event includes side events, trips, or shows; it’s convenient to pick venues that are large enough to accommodate all of these events. If there are some delegates coming from outside the city, it’s an excellent idea that the event should be hosted close to their accommodation.


  1. The venue’s suitability

A corporate function venue in Auckland must be one that enhances the company’s image and also brings forth the general purpose of the event or meeting. For instance, an event with the purpose of announcing a company’s annual performance and sharing it with the company’s shareholders will definitely need a formal, large setting. In this case, a large conference hall might be most suitable for such a company’s event.


  1. The venue’s availability

It is vital to find out about the availability of the chosen venue beforehand. You might need some additional arrangements concerning maybe getting nearby accommodation for attendees or securing some needed equipment for that date or days your event is scheduled for. Therefore, several things will need being coordinated together with the venue and with booking it very well in time. This is the best way of ensuring an event that will certainly turn out smooth and successful.


  1. The venue’s size

When determining the venue’s capacity, it is critical to also determine its seating capacity. Is the size of the meeting area sufficient to contain all those attending comfortably? The seating arrangement must be done in a manner that all seated attendees get a clear view of the screen or speaker. Additionally, people’s movements within the room shouldn’t disrupt meeting activities.


  1. The venue’s cost

Choose your budget before choosing any venue. Once your budget is decided, make sure that all payment details are well handled. It also helps greatly to discuss any cancellation policies with venue owners beforehand just in case you call off the event.


A successful corporate function comprises exploring all aspects of the meeting; it’s critical that the function venue Auckland be equipped with all facilities needed to make your event completely successful.

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