The Best Way For Taking Care Of Your Engineered Wood Flooring


Caring for engineered wood flooring is essentially similar to caring for the other types of wood flooring. This though proves to be truly an investment therefore it’s critical that you take appropriate steps to protect your investment. When you buy wood flooring that’s engineered, the ultimate goal of caring for it is making it appear ‘new’ for several more years ahead. You will desire to make sure that it maintains its natural appeal and lustre irrespective of how old it becomes. Here are some essentials when it concerns caring for your flooring.



When you are cleaning the flooring, it’s always crucial to begin with a conventional dust pan and broom. You must sweep as much of the floor as is possible for you. Once you think that you’ve swept as much of the floor as you possibly can, you can then bring out the vacuum cleaner to go over the entire area one or two times.

Ensure that you take out time to get to all corners, and other areas that are hard to reach which your broom did not get to do a good job on. If you do not implement these steps, once you begin the real cleaning process, it’s truly likely that you will find that the grime and dirt that remained actually scratches the flooring’s surface.


Cleaners and cleaning solutions

Know that engineered wood flooring specifications and cleaning requirements demand that, you have some quality cleaners and cleaning solutions for cleaning purposes. It requires that you have options that are particularly made for hardwood flooring available. You should ensure that you mix around three quarters of your preferred cleaner with about one quarter of hot water in a standard spray bottle when using the cleaner to clean your floor. Once you have prepared the mix in the bottle, you can then spray just a small area to begin as a test to see if the cleaner suits your floor.


Too much moisture

You must never allow too much moisture to get onto your floor at once. This is because it could damage the floor’s actual finish and it could also end in the moisture seeping through and getting beneath your floorboards. Once you have sprayed and placed the cleaner container on the floor, use a soft sponge to clean and mop in the direction of the wood flooring’s panels.


General care

When caring for your engineered wood flooring, it’s crucial that steer clear of using harsh substances like vinegar, wax, and bleach. It has been verified that such substances could damage your flooring in several varying ways. Simply work by following all cleaning steps that have been listed here. This makes it quite probable that your new, wood flooring will be able to maintain its natural beauty for a lot of years to come.


These are the tips and steps that combine to make up the best way by which you can take proper care of your engineered wood flooring. Use and follow them, and you floor will certainly last you for many years into the future.

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