What actually makes a functioning smart house in New Zealand?


There are several varying features that combine to make a smart house. Formerly, you had to purchase home automation devices from specialty stores, but this isn’t the case anymore. They can now be gotten from even local big box stores and online. Unfortunately, not every device is compatible with others. When you begin your automation process, it best that you map out what you actually desire achieving.



For instance, you might desire waking up in the morning to coffee already brewing, your TV already tuned to your preferred channel, and the curtains on the eastern side of your house already opened to allow the sun in. All these can be quite easy, but probably, you also desire having the weather forecast and the external temperature being displayed on one of the walls in your bedroom. You might desire water being turned on and already heated for your morning shower. When you leave for work, you might desire that your doors get locked and the temperature within your house be adjusted. If you consider all your routines around the house, most of them can be automated. This is the reason why mapping out your own personal plan is quite critical before you begin.


Smart houses

As you might have noticed already, we have been centring the discussion around home automation whereas the title given at the top of this article is about functional smart houses in NZ. The reason is that you actually can never discuss smart house technology without first understanding what home automation is all about, thoroughly. Put simply, a house cannot be made smart unless it becomes automated first.


Smart house examples

So, let us now look into some examples of how you can make your house smart or create a smart house. Let’s say your house is empty as you happen to have already left for work. There are several varying methods you can use to control your house’s temperature remotely. First of all, your home’s thermostat will adjust relative to what time of the year you happen to be in. As the day advances, your home’s curtains will then be closed or opened depending on the direction in which the sun has moved. If it’s during winter, your curtains get opened on the side of the house that’s facing the sun to help in using its rays to heat your home up. If it’s during the summer, the exact opposite of this will occur. You will have the ability to view and control all of these mentioned features from your smart phone. This is even possible even when you are away on the other side of the world. Before you return home, the temperature would have been adjusted and the curtains opened. As you are pulling into your driveway, you garage door would have already opened. The TV and lights will turn on as you enter the house.


This is basically how a smart house works. Maybe future articles will detail how you can create your own personal preferences concerning the features you want your house to have. The technology is valuable especially for security.

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