How To Choose Right Size Skip Bin


Do you find choosing the right size Skip bin hard? If yes, then don’t worry, as today we are going to explain the essential information you should know before choosing the right size skip bins for you.

Skip bins are the waste disposal containers that are filled with Garbage and waste materials. Once filled it’ll be collected and replace with the empty one. Various sizes of skip bins are available which satisfy different needs. Ranging from small waste like garden weeds to the bigger waste as building renovation waste, it handles all.

Although you can choose any size of it, the right size will save your time and money. The large size will take more time to fill while a smaller one requires a number of recycling in a day. In both cases, you’re wasting money. Choose the one which fits your exact need so that you can save your hard earned penny.

Based on your need, here is how to choose the right size for you and your family.

Choosing a perfect size comes down to below-mentioned steps:

Assess the work

Carefully assess the need of your skip bin. Evaluate the type and amount of works need to be done so that you can have a clear understanding of what kind of waste is going to release

Get a good estimation

After assessing the work, estimate the amount of waste that’s going to come up after the necessary work.

Choose a perfect size

After analysing the above points, you’ll have the right idea about the size that suits perfectly to you. This size is measured in volume that’s the product length, breadth and height. The standard unit of measure is a metre cube.

Below is the list of available size and its adequate function. Select the one that aligns with all your need.

  • 2 Metre cube –  It’s the smallest available size. It’s equivalent to 2 trailers or 8 wheelie bins, which is suitable for small garden cleaning, home cleaning.
  • 3 Metre cube – It’s slightly bigger than the previous one. It’s equivalent to 3 trailers or 12 wheelie bins, and suitable for household and garden waste.
  • 4 Metre cube – It’s equivalent to 4 trailers or 16 wheelie bins, and appropriate for Standard household furniture, white goods etc.
  • 5 Metre cube – Equivalent to 5 trailers or 20 wheelie bins these are very helpful in large furniture, home appliances, commercial waste.
  • 6 Metre cube – large household furniture, construction waste will be very suitable for this size. It’s equivalent to 6 trailers or 24 wheelie bins.
  • 7 Metre cube –  As the requirement for size and loading capacity increases, materials of skip beans also upgrade with better strength and capability. Equivalent to 7 trailers or 28 wheelie bins these are uses as lawn renovation, construction wastes, home renovation.
  • 8 Metre cube  – Equivalent to 8 trailers or 32 wheelie bins, these are uses in Brickworks, commercial renovation projects, metal works etc.

Before you choose a particular size, clarify the materials used and the services provider offer. Skip bins are very essential for well being of your family and neighbours, so choose the right size, keeping in mind the above-mentioned points.

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