How Drinking for Young People can Destroys their Future?


Many parents know that it is not good for teenagers to drink alcohol, but when faced with the actual situation, they hold the mentality that drinking two sips is not a big deal. As everyone knows, this kind of mentality is affecting children’s physical and mental health. There is a vast need of Alcohol Rehabilitation in India.

Alcohol is harmful to the health of young people

  1. Because the liver is the body’s chemical factory and detoxification center, alcohol has a huge impact on the liver. The liver will break down any foreign chemicals.
  2. Alcohol affects the pancreas as well as the liver. The pancreas secretes a large number of enzymes into the body. Diabetes may develop if drinking alcohol leads to the pancreas becoming inflamed. The brain is the second-most-important organ in the body, behind the heart.
  3. A lot of alcoholics have weight problems, which affect the esophagus and stomach, as well as calcium and vitamin absorption.
  4. In terms of central nervous system damage, alcohol is the worst offender. There are excitatory and inhibitory effects in the central nervous system. As little as one shot of drink can be energizing and as much as three to four shots might be inhibiting. Drinking too much alcohol can cause blushing, gibberish speech, instability and intoxication in the future as well as the need to vomit, etc. That’s when the lethargy and pallor set in. His blood pressure dropped, and he eventually went into unconsciousness. When alcohol poisoning is severe, it can lead to breathing difficulties, choking, and death.

Teenagers’ optic nerves are not fully matured, therefore a blood alcohol level of 15 to 55 mg can induce significant vision loss and 200 to 300 mg can cause diplopia. Not only does drinking affect neural reflexes, but it also damages brain cells in a significant way, which is extremely detrimental to brain development, resulting in reduced learning efficiency, difficulty achieving optimal results in sports games and an increased risk of production accidents and traffic accidents as a result of alcohol consumption.

After drinking alcohol, it will affect concentration, awareness, and operation ability, and it is prone to car accidents. Although alcohol is not the only cause of car accidents, other factors such as road conditions, line of sight, vehicle speed, whether to wear seat belts and related psychological environmental factors all have an impact, but drinking does play an important role.

  1. Adolescent drinking can easily cause muscle weakness and precocious sexual development. Alcohol is poisonous to sperm and eggs, causing infertility and affecting the growth and development of the fetus. Girls are also prone to aging before they grow old.

Alcohol Drinking is really a big problem in Indian Youth. Lives can be saved, we just need to find the right solution for this problem. You can do many things to avoid alcohol but the permanent solution comes from Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai. The professionals at the rehabilitation centre are experts and experienced personnel and guide you to the right way of life.

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