How Does the ISO7X Work – Why Isometrics Will Not Get You Ripped?


In this article, we will discuss exactly how ISO7X works and give you some general information about isometric exercise.

With so much hype about ISO7X form, it is not surprising that many people are curious and skeptical. If that describes you, he certainly describes me; so you’ll want to read this article and if all you’ve heard of the ISO7X isometric trainer is true or it’s all hype and a possible blow! When I heard about the ISO7X I was very skeptical about how a simple exercise in 7 seconds I could help me build muscles and wear just like methandrostenolone 10 mg. Just like many people want to know exactly how ISO7X.

Well, I knew the party was split over the diet that was exercise. So I knew this statement was part of the sales of the typical “infomercial” ad campaign. However, when I began doing research on isometric and isometric exercises, I discovered that this type of exercise protocol is one of the few that has been scientifically tested and approved.

It seems that the isometric became very popular in the 1960s and many products quickly came on the scene offering people the opportunity to gain strength and muscle size very quickly. In fact, based on my research, many NFL football teams such as the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, and Minnesota Vikings used their strength isometric exercise and conditioning program. It seems that the isometric one fell in disgrace when it was discovered that lifting the US Olympic team weight who had advocated the use of isometric exercise as the cause of their strength and muscle gains substantial, methandrostenolone 10 mg using an oral steroid called Dianabol or pharmaceutical name). This product was manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Ciba was the main reason why all lifters have incredible muscle strength and gains.

However, it seems that the isometric exercise was the famous “baby and was sent with the bath water” was rejected as a way to generate muscle size and strength due to the fact that steroids were responsible for incredible strength won Olympic.

What everyone seems to forget that although these people were taking steroids also used an isometric power rack and practice isometric exercises in their weight lifting exercises. Listen, I do not know what you know about steroids, but taking steroids alone will not build a strong, muscular body.

It simply does not work that way, you also need training and your training program should be able to produce results if not all steroids do is to make it swell.

Now that we have the history lesson, let me clarify once and for all that isometric has been used for centuries in many martial arts, yoga, and older men. In the 1950s, the isometric was validated as an exercise protocol by Drs. Hettinger and Mueller. They did a lot of research at the famous Max Planck Institute in Germany. The results of the study were published in numerous scientific and commercial journals that day.

ISO7X is not a revolutionary new isometric. However, it is based on the old coach project Bullworker (designed in 1960). Except for the use of a cloth belt instead of steel son and is based on a drawing with two tubes, unlike the much later design Bullworker three tubes in Bullworker X5.

There are other types of isometric exercise equipment that are higher than ISO7X and offer much more in terms of safety, training and customer support.

Two of these models are the classic Bullworker Bully Xtreme 4.

Classic Bullworker offers a standard five-year warranty and the Bully Xtreme 4 offers a standard lifetime warranty. If I had to choose an isometric exercise because you want to achieve greater strength and muscle size then I recommend you spend your money on one of these two models and leave ISO7X behind.

Ultimately, how does ISO7X work? It works by using a proven scientific exercise principle, called isometric contraction or Iso-static tension.

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