How does Sustanon works in the body


Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for anyone who is trying to increase muscle volume because it operates in protein synthesis and also helps in reducing the percentage of body fat. Studies suggest that a higher concentration of testosterone is directly linked to an increase in the number and size of muscle fibers, making many bodybuilders looking for ways to increase testosterone. Although this goal can be achieved in a natural way (here is how to increase your testosterone levels naturally), many people end up opting for quick and immediate alternatives. Among them, the most common and anabolic steroid use a class derived hormone testosterone and it has the function of raising the rates of this hormone in the body.

Sustanon is part of the class of anabolic steroids and its use and made by people who are interested in greatly increasing muscle mass in a short span of time. Sustanon helps to inhibit the action of glucocorticoids (class hormones to which cortisol belongs), avoiding the use of muscle tissue as a source of energy and the accumulation of fat that cortisol promotes; Increased red blood cells:  And in addition to increasing protein synthesis, they stimulate nitrogen retention and increase IGF-1 production, Sustanon also increases the production of erythrocytes, the cells responsible for transporting oxygen to the muscles. The greater the number of red blood cells, the greater the contribution of nutrients to muscle tissue, and therefore the faster the regeneration of the injured tissue during training.

The combination of the four esters in Sustanon makes it much more efficient and practical medicine to use, since the injection frequency was increased to only once or twice a week. If the application was only one type of testosterone ester, without a larger chain, the applications would be produced several times a day, since the hormone would leave the body in just a few hours.

 Optimal dose of Sustanon

Although many Bodybuilding practitioners and bodybuilders make use of up to 3 weekly injections of Sustanon, this frequency is unnecessary. 250 mg to 750 mg appears to be the most common weekly dose of Sustanon, although the application of a single injection of 250 ml every seven days is sufficient to obtain the effects of Sustanon

The duration of the Sustanon cycle is generally 8-12 weeks, and beyond the treatment with anabolic steroids it also includes liver protectors (which is the organ most exposed to the side effects of Sustanon) and substances to slow aromatization.

Like most anabolic steroids, Sustanon also aromatizes easily, so its use must be accompanied by a TPC – or post-cycle therapy. And what would it taste like? Under normal conditions, the body converts a small portion of testosterone to estrogen, through the action of the enzyme aromatase – hence the name process. One requires weekly Sustanon injections to get the best results.

Therefore, the greater the circulating testosterone concentration, the greater its conversion to estrogen. This condition can cause gynecomastia (enlargement of breast tissue), hypogonadism (testicles contraction), hair loss and increased fat reserves. These effects caused by Sustanon flavoring can be minimized through post-cycle therapy, a type of treatment carried out in order to combat these effects and restore natural hormone production in the body. Side effects of Sustanon It consists of testosterone esters, Sustanon loading cannot escape virtually all the other side effects of anabolic steroids.

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