How 1 on 1 tutoring can get you a “Perfect GRE Score.”


GRE or Graduate Record Exam is a standardized test required by universities in the U.S. that students take before enrolling to a Master’s degree. The GRE is a multi-choice, computer-based, structured test that is often also required internationally for admission to graduate programs and graduate business (MBA) programs. GRE is created and administered by test maker ETS to provide Broad assessments of qualifications evaluation for college and business schools of students and prepare themselves for academic work at the graduate level. Studying from 1 on 1 tutoring online can help students overcome their weaknesses by learning at their own pace and convenience.

Why Do People Take the GRE?

Most people take GRE for grading or securing a merit-based fellowship for graduate school. GRE is a prerequisite for specific grading school admissions for both masters and Ph.D. programs. Many fellowship sponsors also accept GRE scores. So chances are now at least one of the programs you are applying to would need GRE scores. When you’re unsure whether you ought to take the GRE, it’s best to check directly with your programs or consult your 1 on 1 tutoring service.

Why do grad schools look for GRE scores?

Now that we answered the previous question, “Why take the GRE?” “And” What is the intention of the GRE examination? “Let’s take a closer look at why students want GRE grades.

The GRE offers an easily quantifiable way for graduate programs to equate you to other candidates. Although it can be challenging to compare the personal statements, letters of recommendation, and candidates’ GPAs, comparing quantitative GRE scores is much easier for universities.

As a rule, admissions committees concentrate on the actual GRE ranking. It can be the Verbal or Quant — of the three, A.W. is almost always the least significant but challenging section, and your 1 on 1 tutoring can help you with that also. Math-heavy fields, like physics, typically value Quant scores the most, while reading-heavy fields, like English literature, value Verbal and A.W. scores the most.

On the other hand, programs that do not respect GRE scores as highly will always explicitly say so.

What is the ultimate goal of the GRE?

The GRE tutor measures your readiness for graduate school and is intended to determine how successful you will be as a graduate student. GRE General Assessment will assess three criteria, which will be the most important when you pursue a Business Master’s degree.

  • Verbal Reasoning: your vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension skills.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: your problem-solving skills and your knowledge of fundamental math topics
  • Analytical Writing: your ability to construct a compelling essay using clear evidence and correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

GRE Analytical writing score

The Analytical Writing Assessment, or “essay” section, tests whether you can clearly express your thoughts and responses and getting a 1 on 1 tutoring help can you with that too. Formulate a well-sponsored thesis in response to new and unknown topics and the secret to Academic Writing. The first section on the GRE is the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), consisting of two essays. From there, you’ll get a ranking out of 6 overall. Yet bear in mind that this score is probably the least significant before you spend hours cranking out practice prompts.


The GRE’s Verbal portion tests the ability to evaluate written content and relationships between sentence parts, including words and concepts. Verbal Reasoning questions appear in several formats:

  • Text completion
  • sentence equivalence
  • reading comprehension


The GRE Quantitative section tests your basic quantitative knowledge and the ability to reason with quantitative methods and solve problems. You will see questions that cover fundamental analyzes of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and details. Practicing these with your 1 on 1 tutoring service can help you achieve a great score. Questions related to Logical Reasoning occur in many formats:

  • Quantitative comparison
  • problem solving


The GRE is a multi-stage exam, which means that the results will decide the subsequent Verbal and Quant sections’ difficulty on the first section of the scored verbal and quant. The raw score from each segment is the number of questions that you correctly answered.


Since the GRE is scored on a 130 to 170 scale, the numbers are difficult to interpret. And getting a 160 above score in each section is not a great task at leat with an excellent 1 on 1 tutoring service. So, we’ll throw in a free Quantitative lesson and speak a little bit about GRE ranking percentiles. The GRE’s Verbal and Quant components are scored between 130 and 170 each. For Verbal Reasoning, the mean score is 151, and for Quantitative Reasoning, the mean score is 153. The Analytical Writing Assessment is scored in half-point increments between 0 and 6, and the mean score is 4.0.


I hope this article will help you to understand more about the GRE and its scoring pattern. Please don’t say that every program requires perfect grades and doesn’t ignore its other parts. So, now that you know the basics of that, you should focus on your GRE preparation or consult a 1 on 1 tutoring service to guide you much better in your journey of excelling in the GRE.

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