Health and Fitness Tips for Women


Women nowadays are becoming more and more conscious of their health. Physical activity or fitness regimes are the go to method for anyone who thinks they should become more healthy. Women blindly start to follow fitness tips that they read online or in magazines. Many women do not even realize the difference between Health tips and Fitness tips. They do not realize the implications of their actions on their health. Every woman has a different body both internally and externally. It is very important to keep both aspects of one’s body healthy. Experts say that maintaining internal body health is critical to fitness, especially in women.

Through research it was found that even after strenuous physical exercise if a woman is not losing weight or having difficulties in becoming healthy it could be because of the internal health of one’s body. With the increasing risk of fatal diseases its necessary to keep an up to date record of our medical health, especially women.

Read ahead to find out some genuine health and fitness tips that can work for anyone irrespective of the body type:


  • Well Woman Clinic is the best place for the overall health checkup for a woman. They provide a wide range of services for women of all ages and aliments. The Citygoldmedia offers an in depth understanding of one’s body. It identifies the possible illness based on family history and can offer counter measures to tackle them before they become more serious.
  • Private Gynecologist services help women figure out the best possible treatments for their specific problem and body type. They also help in keeping an update about your internal health and can help identify problems in other areas of the body due to regular checkups. This also helps woman in family planning.
  • Food Regulation is different from dieting. People often confuse the two. Food regulation involves altering the types of food you eat on a regular basis in order to reduce the amount of calories you take in. People often equate tasteless food to losing weight, which is a common misconception and end up increasing the weight. It is necessary to have a balanced diet. Body type also affects what kinds of food will help in achieving your desired goal of losing weight or becoming healthier. One should take advice from a nutritionist to form a rough plan of the types of food that you should eat and what variations you could do to keep it interesting. There is a treasure trove of recipes online through which you can make your desired type of food without adding calories to your diet.


  • Yoga is a great type of exercise. It’s a twofer actually. When one does Yoga, they need to concentrate in order to have the desired effect. This gives the 21st Century woman a time-out from her daily routine and relaxes the mind. Doing Yoga helps in maintaining a flexible body and also rids oneself of the aches and pains from the physical toll of a job or any other physical activity one might do during the day. There have been studies, which indicate that moms with young kids should practice Yoga as it helps them be calm and less stressed
  • Cardio is a great way to get in shape or become healthier. The great thing about cardio is that it can be done anywhere at any time. You don’t need to go to the gym. Many women complain that they don’t have enough time to squeeze in some exercise in their hectic days. For that we say, ‘When there is a will, there is a way’. We suggest including your exercise into your daily routine. Instead of driving or taking a public transport home from work, try running or jogging there if it’s a comfortable distance for you. You could also enlist your friends or partners so that you have company and keep each other motivated.
  • Functional Training is the new ‘in’ thing and it is for a good reason. Functional exercises are great because they can be done while doing normal activities. It’s also got “Functional in it. Bored of jogging on the street, try jogging at the beach. Say HI! to fun and bye to calories! There are amazing tutorials for these exercises that can be done inside your own house without having to spend a lot of money on a trainer or at the gym. They make you fitter and give you renewed energy to carry on with your day.

These are just some basic tips to get you a healthy start on your journey to become your fitter self.

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