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Rehabilitation centres for drug addicts are the final stage in getting rid of drug addiction. One of the most difficult and at the same time the simplest stages. The most difficult thing for every drug addict is making an independent decision about a cure. After all, drug addiction is a dangerous disease that takes the lives of people and cripples families from all over the world.

If you want to help a drug addict, then do not take drugs from him so that he does not take another dose. Do not condemn him, do not insult or humiliate him. He needs other help.

A good drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai has general rules and regulations. Patients cook food together, identify a senior around the house and kitchen, and play sports. They lead an almost family life. This is one of the ways to help drug addicts return to normal life and adapt again to society.

Drug Rehabilitation Centre


  • Daily work with a psychologist and psychotherapist in group and individual meetings. Up to 50 group conversations and classes are held per month. And up to 10 individual ones.
  • Daily intense social – role training.
  • Each month, participants complete specific tasks that help them better understand their goals for a future drug-free life.
  • Doctors monitor the work performed at the present time and help in solving additional issues.
  • Outdoor walks and the opportunity to practice your favorite activities. Areas for sports activities, yoga, painting, singing and others are organized.

The rehabilitation centre for drug addicts performs a very important function – it helps to gain understanding, sympathy, self-confidence, love of others, family value, inspiration, and liberation.

Drug addiction rehabilitation centre

Addiction treatment is a multi-layered pathway. The earliest stage of the recovery from drug use is bodily detox (or detoxification from drugs – getting rid of the body from narcotic and opium substances). If your loved one needs help, you can go to the clinic for advice. After removing the drugs, sleep is normalized, appetite will appear and the condition will improve. If the condition does not improve, you can call a narcologist at home. Of course, it is necessary to start treatment under the supervision of doctors.

This will help to overcome the desire to run away, refuse treatment. Since there will always be attentive doctors nearby, who are distinguished by their humanity and the greatest understanding of the situation. Treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts includes another important stage – psychological rehabilitation. Specialists select individual rehabilitation programs for drug addicts. Returning a person to a sober and fulfilling life is not easy. The main condition is that he himself must want it.

Drug addiction rehabilitation

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai is necessarily included in the program of complex drug addiction treatment. The rehabilitation centres obviously vary, from state-free to non-professional to professionally compensated and religious to rehabilitation institutes.

The rehabilitation of drug addicts in DeAddiction Centre in Mumbai is supported by the clinic only at a professional level. Of course, we do not exclude the fact that people often turn to God and find support in him. We are for such an impulse and this is wonderful. Spirituality plays a very important role for Orthodox people. And it doesn’t matter if he is a former drug addict or just got on the right track. Detoxification, medications, counselling, human attitudes and spirituality are included in the professional response to drug addiction.

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