Furniture Home Staging Tips To Enlarge Your Home

Furniture styling Sydney works best when potential buyers feel like the house they are viewing feels welcoming and open. If your home for sale feels cluttered and small with too much furniture, then it will be difficult to sell it. Walk in the house, and if you can see baseboards all over the house, then you may have too large or too much furniture. Your house may be small, but it doesn’t have to look small to potential buyers. There are different ways you can add more space to your home visually. You may reposition your furniture and replace the big furniture to make your rooms to look larger. You can use quality furniture to remove emphasis on the weaknesses of your house and highlight the strength. Here are some tips you can use.


Replace over-sized furniture

If your living room has unused furniture or worn-out furniture, you may have to remove them. Replace them with light-weight pieces that are light-coloured. Buyers will take in what they see. If there are worn out furniture in the rooms, they will show an impression that the home is neglected. If you have old upholstered furniture in the house, you can consider getting new covers for the furniture. If some pieces are beyond repair, consider tossing them out. Remove the old furniture if you are buying or hiring new furniture.

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Your styling &staging company can place pieces of furniture close to each other. This will create intimate areas of conversation. Some stylists think that they can create more space by placing the furniture against the walls. This will do nothing if there are still large spaces between the furniture.


Highlight a focal point

Before arranging the furniture, it is essential to know what you want to highlight in the room. Do you want to emphasize the TV, the fireplace or the breathtaking view? Try to place the bigger pieces of furniture in the room first then fill in with the smaller pieces. The pieces of furniture should be arranged around the focal point with the largest piece facing the focal point. This will create an order in the room. Having more than one focal point will make the room to look disorganized. People will always focus on one item so don’t confuse them by placing more than one focal point in the room.


Define rooms with furniture

If there is a room that you aren’t using in the house, it is crucial to repurpose it with furniture. Having an extra room will add value to the house. If you are not using your basement, you can easily turn it into a yoga room by bringing in a carpet and adding a few comfy pillows. You can also add a chair and a small table to the stairwell nook to turn it into a reading spot. The primary purpose of furniture styling Sydney is to turn the less important rooms into important rooms because the new buyer will like to utilize the house and get value for his or her money.

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