Types of Pallet Racking Systems You Should Know About


If you have a warehouse and need to add a storage system, pallet racking systems are the best for the amount of space they let you save. However, there are a number of different types even within the pallet racking systems. It’s important to know about the different kinds of pallet racking systems so that you can choose the one which is appropriate for your warehouse. With that being said, here’s a list of types of pallet racking systems you need to know about before selecting the right kind of shelving Melbourne.

Selective Racking

If you want access to the pallets from the aisle of the structure, you can install selective pallet racking system. The system has load beams which provide a support structure. You have a good range of configuration when it comes to the size and it also gives you a direct access to every pallet. It’s also pretty easy to install this one.

Cantilever Racking

If you plan to store goods that are long, cantilever racking system is the best option. It has a metal framework and long arms protrude from the framework where you can store goods, like steel rods. To increase the amount of space, cantilever racks don’t come with the front column. Because of that, you also have better access to the products.

Drive-In Racking

If you’re looking for a cost-effective racking system that would let you save much space and also capable of having additional pallets when needed, drive in racking system is a great option. Drive in racking systems don’t require many aisles and still let you store many goods. It’s pretty convenient to use forklifts when you have drive in racks so you can go on stocking.

Push Back Racking

If you’re going to store high densityor multiple products, you can use push back racks. These racks make it easy to reach any product you want to. The reason this kind of racking system is called a push back racking system is because as you place a pallet on the system, the next pallet would be automatically pushed back. And as you remove the pallet, the next pallet would be pushed to the front.

Carton Flow Racking

If you plan to store high density products and want storage optimization and maximized efficacy for pallet delivery, carton flow racking system can be a nice option too. This system operates based on rear load design which you can manage the goods and operate the system better.

These are some of the most common kinds of racking systems you can employ in your warehouse. Much of what kind of racking system you decide to have in your warehouse depends on the kind of products you’re going to store. Also, see for how much space your warehouse has and select the kind of racking system that would be possible to have in the available space. You can even talk about it with warehouse pallet racking Melbourne experts so you know if you’re choosing the right pallets.

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